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Review: Voracious: Appetite For Destruction #2

Voracious: Appetite For Destruction #2

Detectives Gus Horncrasher and Owen Talonburg have been partners on the CCPD for a long time. Over the years they’ve grappled with many lowlifes and criminals, but they’ve never had to face off against each other. They will in Voracious: Appetite For Destruction #2

Review spoiler: I’m going to recommend you read the entire series. There’s two trades and this floppy. If you want to go in blind, just know that this series is one of my absolute favorites. If you read further there will be spoilers for the first two volumes.

As the final volume of writer Markisan Naso and artist Jason Muhr‘s genre crossing story to a bittersweet close. Voracious‘ best selling point is the tag line “time travelling chef hunts dinosaurs”. While that’s a great elevator pitch, it doesn’t give the story, the characters or the concept as a whole the credit that is deserved.

This is one of the few comics that has left me emotionally fragile after I put it down; it is, on all fronts, an utter masterpiece of comic storytelling from Naso, Muhr and colourist Andrei Tabucaru.

The first volume centered on the real world problems of the inhabitants of Black Fossil. Albeit with one or two of its residents being time travelling dinosaur hunters. Naso and Muhr laid the foundations for the relationships between the characters with some brilliant dialogue and some surprisingly subtle body language. They hinted toward something deeper within the sleepy desert town. The second volume took a much sharper turn into the science fiction when it’s revealed that maybe the dinosaur hunters weren’t time travelling to our world’s past… This volume opens the door to horror, and it’s a jarring step that makes total sense within the context of the story.

It has been a long time since I first read Voracious: Appetite For Destruction #2 as part of a Kickstarter reward, and the comic still holds up after multiple readings – that I have had to wait months for the third issue hasn’t been easy, but now there’s only 30 days between me and issue #3, and I can’t wait to see where the story ends up. There should be no surprises that I love this series – I have been raving about it almost as long as I have been writing for this website. It’s time you picked Vorcacious: Appetite for Destruction. It helped remind me why I fell in love with comics in the first place.

Story: Markisan Naso Art: Jason Muhr Colourist: Andrei Tabucaru
Story: 9.1 Art 9.2 Overall: 9.2 Recommendation: Buy

Action Lab provided a FREE copy for review, but I had already received my copy from Kickstarter.

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