Review: Heroes in Crisis #6

Heroes in Crisis #6

Get a deeper look into the inner workings of Sanctuary. When heroes visited the facility, they relived their trauma through virtual reality, contending with the events that brought them there in the hope of reaching a meaningful resolution. That is, until the trauma took over and escalated these personal events into a full-blown crisis! Find out what pushed one of the superheroes over the edge and how it broke the machine.

For five issues we’ve gotten fake outs and twists and turns teasing us as to who the killer is and Heroes in Crisis #6 seems to deliver us the answer… which clearly isn’t the answer.

Written by Tom King, Heroes in Crisis #6 is an issue focused on three characters dealing with their trauma showing us how Sanctuary treats individuals using virtual reality. It’s something we’ve seen before and feels like a filler issue used because a few elements couldn’t be filled in elsewhere. It’s the first issue where I don’t feel like it adds much to the story beyond two things. The tragedy is shallow, the empathy little, and the fakeouts obvious.

The issue seems to finally answer who killed those staying at the facility which we know isn’t the answer and feels like yet another fakeout. It also points to who I’ve thought was the killer from the beginning and if it is, the event will feel more hollow than thoughtful.

Heroes in Crisis started with interesting promise of the exploration of exploring PTSD in heroes but at this point it feels like a dragged out murder mystery forgetting the tragedy we saw in those first few issues. Instead we get the same played out experiences as if we ourselves are placed in Sanctuary to experience trauma ourselves. And maybe that’s the point? But still, there’s something missing in this issue in both its presentation and what it lacks in adding to the overall narrative. It feels like we’ve seen most of this with different characters. When it comes to the exploration of Sanctuary it doesn’t add anything new.

The art mainly by Mitch Gerads is good. Gerads is always fantastic in that way and with some pages by Clay Mann the art is the most interesting thing about the comic begging us to look for visual hints and clues. Unfortunately that’s mostly blunt in many ways lacking finesse that has delivered for the previous five issues.

Heroes in Crisis #6 feels like a bad detour as the series drifts further away from the concept of heroes dealing with trauma. As a piece of the greater narrative the issue is fine but as we see in a few panels, the torture porn aspect of it all is emphasized here. It shifts from an attempt at empathy to an Eli Roth film.

We’ll see where the next few issues take us but this feels like a distraction. An added on issue that in the end it’s unsure as to what exactly to do with. It’s bloat that shifts the tone and focus of the story and not for the better.

Story: Tom King Art: Clay Mann, Mitch Gerads
Color: Mitch Gerads, Tomeu Morey Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Story: 5.0 Art: 7.75 Overall: 5.0 Recommendation: Pass

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