Art Baltazar Delivers Kids Action With Powers in Action Volume 1 in March

Part of Action Lab: Discover, Action Lab Entertainment‘s new early readers imprint, Powers in Action is the perfect Saturday morning cartoon for your kids to read! This initial story arc introduces you to the next dimension of Eisner Winner Art Baltazar‘s Aw Yeah Universe.

Lynx and his sister Ocelot join the super team, Hero Squadron, which also includes the super heroic likes of Suplex, Eclipse, Enormus and their leader Moon! Travel along with our heroes as they take on numerous supervillains and learn about the true power of teamwork!

Writer Art Baltazar is well-known for his kid-friendly titles. His work includes Tiny TitansSuperman Family Adventures and Itty Bitty Hellboy.

Powers in Action Volume 1, which collects the first four issues of the series, will be in a comic book store near you this March 2019. Preorder it with the Diamond item code JAN191428.