Preview: Iron: Or The War After SC

Iron: Or The War After SC

Publisher: Archaia, an imprint of BOOM! Studios
Writer:  S.M. Vidaurri
Artist: S.M. Vidaurri
Cover Artist: S.M. Vidaurri
Price: $19.99

It is the aftermath of a long war, in a world of constant winter.

When an intelligence spy from the Resistance—the rabbit, Hardin—steals secret information from a military base of the Regime, his actions set off a chain of events that reverberates through the ranks of both sides, touching everyone from the highest-ranking officials to the smallest orphaned child. When the snow finally settles, who will be the true patriot and who the true traitor?

Iron: Or The War After marks the debut graphic novel from storyteller S.M. Vidaurri (Iscariot), who weaves a heartfelt fable shrouded in political intrigue, made available in softcover for the first time.

Iron: Or The War After SC