Brian Azzarello and Maria Llovet Explore Faith, Sex, & The Devil in Faithless

BOOM! Studios has announced Faithless #1, from New York Times bestselling writer Brian Azzarello and artist Maria Llovet, with Eisner Award-winning artist Paul Pope on covers in an unforgettable story of self-exploration, eroticism, and…maybe even love. 

Arriving in stores April 10th, 2019, Faithless introduces readers to Faith, a young woman who likes to dabble in the occult. Her friends think it’s cute—and not just a little off-putting, but it’s part of her charm and her warped search for purpose in a world that makes too much sense. But she’s a true believer and knows there is a power within her reach. She’s right, of course. It just took a while for the supernatural, the temptation, the unknowable thing to find her . . . 

In short—Faith is bored as hell. And Hell has noticed.

Faithless #1 features an erotic variant cover by superstar Tula Lotay, that will be polybagged and not publicly previewed due to sexually explicit material. Subsequent issues of Faithless will continue this variant cover program with similar content and packaging.

Faithless #1