Review: Freedom Fighters #1

Freedom Fighters #1

Line up for this all-new maxiseries set on Earth X, where the Nazis won World War II! Twenty years after invading and occupying America, Germany wiped out all metahuman resistance, including the original Freedom Fighters. 

Fast-forward to the present day, and a new team of Freedom Fighters emerges to challenge the Nazi occupation once again. But if they’re to have any chance of victory, they’re going to need Uncle Sam-who disappeared after his original team was killed.

Beyond one small “factual” issue of including “under God” in the pledge, Freedom Fighters #1 is a read that had me sucked in from the start. Writer Robert Venditti delivers a story of resistance in a time when real world resistance is a daily occurrence.

World War II is over and the Nazis have won leaving few heroes to continue the fight and eventually a new generation must step forward. Venditti has nailed the zeitgeist that’s currently occurring in the world with a story that’s engrossing and acknowledges the generational shift we’re seeing today. The greatest generation’s torch has been passed to a new generation who has taken up the fight against fascism in both the comic and reality. The fact Venditti recognizes this shows this will be a series that will reflect heavily upon the real world while still delivering an escapist story full of action.

The art by Eddy Barrows, ink by Eber Ferreira, color by Adriano Lucas, and lettering by Deron Bennett is top notch. There’s some fantastic scenes and use of panels and pages with scenes delivering the emotion on the page whether it’s despair, hope, and at times horror. The designs are fantastic creating something familiar but slightly different with an aesthetic that fits this alternate world without being over the top. Small details like the use of Nazi bolts in Plasstic Man adds small touches that emphasize this reality.

The issue is a fantastic start with highs and lows. There’s lots of action, hope, despair, and more hope. It’s a rollercoaster that’s both escapist and a reflection on today’s reality and what was. We’re in a real world fight against a rise of far right ideology and fascism and a second rise of Nazi beliefs. To get a comic with some good ole Nazi punching is quite welcome.

Story: Robert Venditti Art: Eddy Barrows
Ink: Eber Ferreira Color: Adriano Lucas Letterer: Deron Bennett
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review