Review: The Death of the Inhumans #5

The Royal Family has been broken. Now, something new and terrible rises from its ashes. Who is Vox? Where are the Inhumans he’s killed? And what lies ahead for a king without a kingdom?

When I first heard about this event, I have to admit, the title and what it promised had me worried as a “stunt event.” The downplaying of how big it would be and the fact writer Donny Cates was in charge had me intrigued that something “was up.” And with the conclusion in The Death of the Inhumans #5, we’ve gotten an “event” comic that is tragically under the radar.

This final chapter goes by the title “Rome” and by the time it wraps, it’s clear why that title was chosen. With the dark reality of what and who Vox is, Black Bolt must face his destiny to bring down the Kree and save his people.

The final chapter is solid on the action and high on the drama but rather lacking in some key aspects, an issue that hampers the overall package. While we have a better idea of what/who Vox is, the how isn’t explained too well. It ends up being a slasher/horror movie boogeyman more than anything. An unstoppable force that we just accept. Black Bolt also goes on about destroying the Kree and while damage is done, we’re never quite given the moment of the enemy’s defeat. Another issue, or an increased page count, would have benefited this issue and the series as a whole.

Despite that, this is a pretty solid ending putting Black Bolt squarely back into the warrior king role having to make a difficult decision to keep his people safe. It also sets up a very unknown future for the Inhumans.

The art by Ariel Olivetti with color by Jordie Bellaire and lettering by Clayton Cowles is ok and feels a little different than the previous four issues. Something doesn’t feel quite as polished. I’ve hadd issues with Olivertti’s art in the past but here it has mainly been good. This issue though it’s a miss unfortunately. Action sequences that should have oomph to it don’t and emotional scenes lack it for the art. The detail too is a bit different. If you had asked me, I’d have been convinced the issue had a different artist than the previous four.

The issue is a tragic one and Cates sets the classic characters off in to a new direction and new era. What’s next, who knows? But, for what I was expecting to be an eye rolling event, this is an entertaining story and one that ends on a pretty high note. The title might be a bit over the top but the story within really brings things together and gets the characters back to their roots. Here’s hoping Cates is given a chance to steer these characters into the future for some time.

Story: Donny Cates Art: Ariel Olivetti
Color: Jordie Bellaire Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Story: 8.25 Art: 7.65 Overall: 8.15 Recommendation: Buy

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review