Review: Marvel Knights #1

In the cemetery, the blind man does not know who he is, or why he has come to this particular grave at this moment. He doesn’t know the burly police officer with the wild story who has approached him. Or the strangely intense man who sits in the rear seat of the patrol car, his eyes flashing green. But all of that is about to change. Because Matt Murdock is beginning to remember…

In a colorless world without heroes, the spark of light…must come from the dark…

Celebrating 20 years, Marvel Knights is back in a limited series dubbed… Marvel Knights. Written by Donny Cates, Marvel Knights #1 is a weird mix of a story that hearkens a little back to the original series but also going off in a weird direction that makes it all feel like some event story.

Heroes, really everyone, don’t remember who they are. Something is blocking their history and identities. The issue focuses mainly on Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, as he is drawn to the grave of Karen Page not knowing why. Approached by Frank Castle, aka the Punisher, he’s brought himself to remember who he is and the issue is him running around like a crazy attempting to connect with everyone, except they don’t remember either. What’s going on? Why? No idea.

The first issue is an enigma on multiple fronts leaving us to wonder what the hell is going on. The original Marvel Knights to me was both a mature line and a line that could explore different aspects and stories of classic characters bogged down by continuity. This, kind of feels like a weird mix of the two and it sort of works.

The art by Travel Foreman with ink by Derek Fridolfs, color by Matt Milla, and lettering by Cory Petit is good with a certain style that reminds me of some of the original Marvel Knights releases. That art is a little inconsistent though as the first ending to the comic has an odd manga flair to it that just doesn’t look like the rest of the comic.

The first issue is intriguing, it’s definitely not what was expected. It’s a literal puzzle that feels more like an event than “Marvel Knights.” That’s not bad and this is one to judge after a few more issues but this debut is a headscratcher.

Story: Donny Cates Art: Travel Foreman
Ink: Derek Fridolfs Color: Matt Milla Letterer: VCs Cory Petit
Story: 7.0 Art: 7.25 Overall: 7.0 Recommendation: Read

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review