Review: Heroes in Crisis #2

Suspected of murder, [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] find themselves on the run from the super-hospital called Sanctuary -with each thinking the other one is the real killer! It’s up to Batman to solve this heinous crime, but suspicion falls on him when Superman and Wonder Woman ponder just how much Sanctuary’s A.I. is telling them. Meanwhile, [REDACTED] tries to make a shady deal to hide from the Trinity, while [REDACTED] searches out an old friend to help him out of this mess-and only gets deeper in trouble.

That’s a whole lot of “redacted” in that description and going into this comic with as little information as possible is helpful. Heroes in Crisis #2 not only deals with the fallout of the murder of an unknown amount of individuals, but also peels back more about Sanctuary and those that have visited it.

Writer Tom King balances a lot in this issue with a few tracks along the way. Harley is on the run both wanting to get caught and not at the same time. Her actions as presented make her a prime suspect as to the massacre at Sanctuary. The trio of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are on the hunt for her and it’s not the eventual confrontation that is the key moment, it’s what it reveals. King intelligently adds a wrinkle to the situation with that reveal, one that will make relationships rocky going forward.

But what of our other suspect? Booster is on the run as well deciding what to do and his decision is simple, try to find the killer. That also might mean him. Unfortunately, he’s kind of rambling and while we can say it’s the trauma of the situation, he’s not off the hook. His intentions make it seem like he might be but again King gives us just enough to leave him as a suspect. It also expands the story bringing in another hero impacted by the events.

While all of that would be more than enough to enjoy, King uses confessionals to dive deeper into our heroes. Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman, are all explored showing each have deep trauma. No matter how much we think of them as together, they’re not. They have flaws and while brief, it’ll make you think of each of them and how their confessions add to their characters.

There’s also revelations of more murdered individuals, with one being a shocker. That leads to the most touching moment as one character mourns their loss. What’s said is sweet and beautiful in a way and gives us an emotional punch beyond the shock and anger we’ve seen.

Artists Clay Mann and Travis Moore, along with colorists Tomeu Morey and Arif Prianto, and letterer Clayton Cowles deliver a beautiful comic. It looks great on every level and a high profile comic like this deserves art like this. The characters are solid with much of the emotion delivered through their facial expressions. Teasing just enough for us to get the situation and where they’re at. There’s also solid transitions between scenes as the comic might go from a fight to a quieter moment in a page. And the art helps deliver those highs and lows of emotion from a high octane fight to mourning. What details are focused on add to the narrative.

The first issue was solid and second continues the pattern. This is an event you’ll likely either love or hate and I’m enjoying it as it explores layers we rarely see discussed when it comes to superheroes and all of that is wrapped up in a nice murder mystery.

Story: Tom King Art: Clay Mann, Travis Moore
Color: Tomeu Morey, Arif Prianto Lettering: Clayton Cowles
Story: 8.15 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.2 Recommendation: Buy

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review