Review: Infinite Dark #1

The universe ended, but onboard the void station Orpheus, a skeleton crew of humanity survived: the last two thousand souls, waiting for a second big bang that may never come. Now, two years into their voyage, Security Director Deva Karrell investigates the station’s first murder-and the otherworldly motives behind it.

Humanity surviving some calamity on a spaceship/station is a story that is a dime a dozen. There being a murder on a spaceship/station is a common story too. However, the location being a space station that has survived the end of the universe? That’s pretty unique.

Writer Ryan Cady delivers a first issue that builds up the tension to a point the story shifts. What begins as a sci-fi story becomes horror by the end. Much of the first issue focuses on the reality these survivors live in. They’re the last of humanity. They witnessed the rest die. And they witnessed the universe die. Now, they’re surrounded by nothing and internally are struggling with that reality. They are experiencing survivor’s guilt.

Now, a crime has been committed and that leads to that twist. While the comic could easily devolve into a person who has lost their mind and that spreading across the ship resulting in carnage and death, it would seem we’re getting something different. That last panel especially left me pondering where this is all going.

The art by Andrea Muti with color by K. Michael Russell and lettering by Troy Peteri is solid mixing in the two genres quite well. There’s an unease in the art that emphasizes the coldness of it all. That’s helped by the color which uses lots of cold blues and grays and only goes elsewhere for emphasis.

The issue is a fantastic debut that blends genres and delivers an ending that’s something that’s unexpected. It seems the comic is going in directions that’s unexpected and will explore some really interesting topics. With a unique setting, this is a start that’s a hell of a debut.

Story: Ryan Cady Art: Andrea Muti
Color: K. Michael Russell Letterer: Troy Peteri of A Larger World
Story Editor: Alex Lu
Story: 8.25 Art: 8.25 Overall: 8.25 Recommendation: Buy

Image Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review