Raven, the Pirate Princess Needs Your Help

Comics live or die on their sales. While we the readers see it as entertainment, in reality it’s a business and if a comic isn’t profitable, ie the sales aren’t enough, then the comics get cancelled or goes on hiatus until a time when it might be worth starting again.

Writer Jeremy Whitley has gone to Tumblr to let us know his series Princeless: Raven, the Pirate Princess needs our help and is in trouble.

Princeless: Raven, the Pirate Princess is a spin-off series to the hit Princeless and is the “young adult” sister series to Princeless‘ “all ages.” The series has stood out of its take no crap attitude and diverse characters, more specifically a community of diverse queer women who were carving out their place in the world.

While the comic has a dedicated fanbase, it’s not enough. Action Lab Entertainment informed Whitley that the series’ numbers don’t justify the cost of the book and with that they haven’t given a greenlight for year 3 of it. That means, after Princeless: Raven, the Pirate Princess Year 2 #13 is released, the series will go on a break until a time the numbers justify its return.

If you care about this series, or series like it, you need to speak with your dollars if you haven’t already. And if you have, you can help spread the word.

Here’s different ways you can help:

  • Purchase the comic digitally on comiXology
  • Purchase physical copies of the book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble or from your local comic shop (though you might want to call to make sure they have it)
  • If you bought volumes 1-4, volume 5 is available for pre-order
  • And if you’ve already bought the comic, help spread the word. Write a review on those sites, share this post, tell your friends.

Help save the ship! It’s great to have diverse books but we need to support them to make sure they stay around because if we don’t, we have no right when comics returns to default and that’s are only choice.