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Review: Bloodshot Salvation #5


NOW: As nanites overwrite her biology, Bloodshot’s newborn daughter is about to take a turn for the worse…just as her father is forced to confront the truth about a deranged cultist with a dark connection to their own family.

THEN: In the near future, as Rampage’s nationwide campaign of terror escalates, Magic’s search for salvation points her farther away than she ever could have imagined… To the year 4001 A.D.!

Jeff Lemire had a tremendous 2017 in terms of the quality of comics he wrote, and his 2018 is shaping up to be just as good a year for us comic fans, if Bloodshot Salvation #5 is anything to go by. Splitting the story between Soon and Now, Lemire gives the first four pages of the issue over to the Soon as Magic, the Bloodshot Squad and Bloodshot’s daughter Jessie try to understand last issue’s revelation in regards to Bloodshot’s location. Although Soon isn’t presented as a backup or bonus story, because the bulk of the issue is focused on the Now one could be forgiven for thinking as such, especially with two different artists handling each timeline.

Mico Suayan is wonderful in Bloodshot Salvation #5. His art pops during the Soon segment; so much so that I wish the comic was longer so that we could see more of Suayan’s work. Although the future is only seen for a handful of pages, which is all together too brief, there’s a surprising amount of things for Suayan to flex his creative muscles, and oh boy does he.


Lewis Larosa is one of the finest artists working in comics today, and if you’d like proof then simply open this comic at the midway point (there’s no reason to open it midway through other than you’re more likely to hit a Larosa page as he depicts a de-powered Bloodshot who is at the mercy of a group of cultists led by Daddy, the creepy old man who wants Magic, the mother of Bloodshot’s child, to return to his cult. The scenes within which Bloodshot is at the mercy of the cultists are brutal, graphic, and yet still leave something to the imagination. It’s a really well done sequence that pulls the last few issues together as Bloodshot comes face to face with his place in the world.

Tying two of the best artists currently working in comics together is the colouring work of Diego Rodriguez; his contributions are the cherry on top of an already superb comic.

Lemire’s script could easily get buried beneath the visuals this issue. Hell, even if he’d turned in an average script, I’d still be telling you to pick this up for the art alone, but it’s not an average script. The comic delves deeper into Bloodshot’s psyche than you would initially expect given a first read through, but as Bloodshot asks whether he’s man, monster, or some variation of them both, we’re given a visual kick between the legs as he asks the question. Without spoiling anything, Larosa’s use of blank space is incredibly powerful when combined with Lemire’s script.

There’s a reason I think Bloodshot Salvation is a must read series, and this issue is a perfect example. You will be hard pressed to find a better comic released this week.

Story: Jeff Lemire  Art: Lewis Larosa & Mico Suayan Colourist: Diego Rodriguez
Story: 9 Art: 9.5 Overall: 9.25 Recommendation: Buy

Valiant provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review. 

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