Review: Batman #37

Torn apart by betrayal, Batman and Superman try to find a way back to friendship, to trust. Both understand that the future of the DCU depends on this relationship; both understand that without the help of the other, their lives will fall apart. And yet, one is still the spoiled rich boy, and the other is still the naive farm boy. Men from two worlds confront each other and try to see the hope behind the madness.

Writer Tom King has been killing it this year delivering four of my favorite issues all in Batman. It should not be a surprise that in each case, King focuses on the person instead of the personality creating comics that are introspective, relatable, and in the case of Batman #37 (and the previous), fun.

After last issue’s focus on toxic masculinity and Batman and Superman both being stubborn about talking about Batman’s engagement, this issue has the two couples heading to a fair to hang out and get to know each other. It’s superhero day at the fair though and no admittance without a costume. Where that goes, I’ll leave it to readers to discover but it’s funny and kicks off the issue in a way that’s hard not to smile. From there, Batman and Superman get their macho on as they try to relate and Lois and Selina have fun bonding, and getting drunk.

The issue dives deep into what makes these couples tick. What’s the attraction? What’s the glue that binds? King explores that with hilarious results and gives us an ending that feels a bit iconic like Superman racing the Flash, though knowing the result was a bit of a let down (leave it open ended!).

Clay Mann‘s art gives us small details and humor as the two couples are in their costumes and everyone else around them is too. There’s so much in each panel as it’s a fair and fairs tend to have a lot going on. Some great use of panels and panel framing and we have an issue where the art enhances the fun and focus.

This is one of my favorite issues of the year giving us a new dynamic between Batman and Superman and making me want to see a Lois Lane and Selina Kyle road trip comic. Simple in concept but deep in execution, Tom King has cemented himself as one of the top writers of the year with just this one issue.

Story: Tom King Art: Clay Mann Cover Art: Mikel Janin
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review