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Mayor Fisk! The Kingpin Rules in Daredevil #595

There’s a new mayor in town…Mayor Fisk, that is. After his rise to the top, Matt Murdock’s classic foe takes center stage as Marvel Legacy hits Daredevil #595, written by Charles Soule with art by Stefano Landini.

Matt Murdock has always had the law on his side, but now that Manhattan is under new rule, the tables have been turned: and it’s the vigilante hero who is on the outside of the law, with the Mayor of Crime ruling over Manhattan.

With Fisk as Mayor, that means he’s become the King and Daredevil has lost the thing he could relay on, the place he was sworn to protect: New York City. But, with Fisk as Mayor, there’s a power vacuum left in the underworld and a number of players attempt to fill it in the “Kingpins of New York” storyline that’ll impact every book across the Marvel Universe. Everyone will feel the pressure from Fisk’s term in office.

But Mayor Fisk’s rule won’t just affect the street team – all Marvel characters will feel his power!


Daredevil #595 features a cover by Bill Sienkiewicz.