Review: W.M.D.: Weapons of Mutant Destruction #1

untitledTHE WEAPON X PROGRAM IS BACK! For years, the Weapon X Program has engineered the deadliest mutant killers on planet Earth, until they mysteriously vanished. Now, the Weapon X program is back, and it’s deadlier than ever, and it isn’t to use mutants for their lethal ends. Under the leadership of its mysterious new director, Weapon X has a new mission – ERADICATE ALL MUTANTS! And they’re starting their hunt with the most dangerous group of mutants on planet Earth – Old Man Logan, Sabretooth, Domino, Lady Deathstrike, Warpath and…the Hulk?! But with an army of genetic cyborgs at their disposal, this may just be the beginning.

I didn’t know what to expect when I heard about this crossover. I’m not very familiar with Amadeus Cho’s Hulk, other then what I read of him in The Champions, and wasn’t quite sure how he would meet up and work with this group of mutants. After the events in Weapon X that set up this crossover, and seeing Hulk join them, I’m excited to see this whole thing play out. Weapon X has just been ‘okay’ to me; nothing really exceptional was happening, except for the mystery of the new Weapon X program and how they now seem aimed at destroying mutants. And I have to say that I’m impressed with Greg Pak‘s opening issue into this story. I really like his handling of the characters, some allies and some enemies, working together to end a mutual threat. There is some fun banter back and forth, quips and sarcastic comments made between some of the reluctant allies and some moments that really let you see the person behind these would be heroes. I won’t reveal who it is running Weapon X now (but those reading Weapon X will know) and I love the hypocrisy of this persons methods to see their ultimate goal fulfilled. It’s a fitting character to be leading this new department and I can’t wait to see them come face to face with our band of heroes.

I am also liking the art that is being shown in this story. Mahmud Asrar does a really good job of showing us just how different this band of mutants are, by giving each their own distinct look and personality. And the action scenes, though few in this opening issue, really give each character a moment to shine. Even the opening scenes revealing the villains base of operations really set the tone of the Weapon X facility, thanks to Asrar and colorist Nolan Woodard. There is a dark feel to every panel, when it isn’t necessarily a dark scene, and I think it fits very well into this story and the characters at play here.

Overall, I really enjoyed the start of this crossover. These characters are being shown exactly how I would expect them to after being put into a group situation and the threat is very real for all involved, and mutants worldwide. I know, some may think ‘oh yeah, another worldwide disaster for mutants’ but this one isn’t some green poison cloud or a fiery cosmic bird; this is something more close to home. Weapon X is back in a deadly way but they’re about to meet up with some equally deadly mutants who aren’t very happy with what they’ve been up to. And I will definitely be along for the ride to see how it all comes to an end.

Story: Greg Pak Art: Mahmud Asrar Colors: Nolan Woodard
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Read

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