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Preview: Weapon H #9

Weapon H #9

(W) Greg Pak (A) Guiu Vilanova (CA) Philip Tan
Rated T+
In Shops: Oct 17, 2018
SRP: $3.99

• The days of the lone fighter are gone: Weapon H assembles a team to take Weirdworld!
• But even with Titania, Man-Thing, a Brood-human hybrid named Blake, Hulk’s old friend Korg and a mysterious Roxxon fighter named Angel on his side, Weapon H may find himself outclassed.
• Because Roxxon’s been keeping secrets – and one of them is about to wake up.

Preview: Mech Cadet Yu Vol. 2 SC

Mech Cadet Yu Vol. 2 SC

Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Takeshi Miyazawa
Cover Artist: Takeshi Miyazawa
Colorist: Triona Farrell
Letterer: Simon Bowland
Price: $14.99

The second Sharg war has begun. As the alien invasion grows to a worldwide threat, the Mech Cadets answer the call alongside their robos to defend the planet. First year students, however, are grounded and forbidden from fighting on the front lines. But while training in secret, Stanford, Park, Olivetti, and Sanchez will discover that their enemy takes more shapes than they could have ever known.

Collects issues #5-8.

It’s Your Chance To Name The First Firefly Letter Column at BOOM! Studios

BOOM! Studios has announced that the first-ever Firefly comic book letter column will launch in Firefly #1, arriving in comic shops on November 14th. New York Times best-selling writer Greg Pak and artist Dan McDaid, along with series creator & story consultant Joss Whedon, tell the definitive story of the Unification War, the intergalactic civil war that divided friend and family alike.

Fans are encouraged to send their e-mails with their questions and thoughts about the iconic worldwide pop culture phenomenon’s return to comic books to whedonverse@boom-studios.com with a nice, shiny “okay to print” in each e-mail. Letters received by October 15th will not only have a chance to make it in the inaugural Firefly #1, but will also have the opportunity to suggest a name for the shiniest new letter column in all the ‘verse. The reader whose name is selected to immortalize this piece of Browncoat history will also win a full set of all eight covers to Firefly #1 and all the standard variant covers to Firefly #2-4.

Please note that all letters received after October 15th will be considered for future issues of Firefly.

Preview: Weapon X #24

Weapon X #24

(W) Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente (A) Luca Pizzari (CA) Rahzzah
Rated T+
In Shops: Oct 03, 2018
SRP: $3.99

• The head of the satanic cult raising hell for mutants is revealed! Just in time to give Sabretooth and his crew their last rites…

Preview: Weapon H #8

Weapon H #8

(W) Greg Pak (A) Guiu Vilanova (CA) Philip Tan
Rated T+
In Shops: Oct 03, 2018
SRP: $3.99

• Roxxon built a portal to harness the unlimited energy in this magical realm. But in the process they unleashed a horde of monsters – and they’ve set their sights on Earth’s unlimited supply of flesh!
• Weapon H has no choice: To protect his family, he must go to war.
• But one familiar figure has already beat him there: Fans of PLANET HULK and Marvel Studios’ Thor: Ragnarok, rejoice for the return of the stone man Korg!

Underrated: Eternal Warrior: Sword of the Wild

This is a column that focuses on something or some things from the comic book sphere of influence that may not get the credit and recognition it deserves. Whether that’s a list of comic book movies, ongoing comics, or a set of stories featuring a certain character. The columns may take the form of a bullet pointed list, or a slightly longer thinkpiece – there’s really no formula for this other than whether the things being covered are Underrated in some way. This week: Eternal Warrior: Sword of the Wild

eternal warrior sword of the wild.jpgIt should be no secret to you that I am a huge fan of Valiant comics. I’ve also made no secret of my love for the Eternal Warrior. But a lot of that love stems from Book Of Death and Wrath of the Eternal Warrior, and not his first solo series offered since Valiant’s 2012 relaunch, the eponymously titled Eternal Warrior. I first read that series shortly after Book Of Death and didn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted to, and although I’ve heard mixed opinions on it since, I wanted to give the first four issues in the series another chance (you can find them collected as Sword Of The Wild, hence the full title of this week’s column, and what I’ll be referring to them as going forward).

The back of the trade dressing (apparently) reads;

Soldier. Guardian. Warrior. Legend. Across ten millennia and a thousand battlefields, Gilad Anni-Padda has traversed the darkest, most mysterious corners of history. But the horror and bloodshed of constant warfare has finally taken its toll on the man myth calls the Eternal Warrior…and he has abdicated his duties as the Fist and the Steel of Earth for a quiet life of seclusion. But when a blood vendetta from the distant past suddenly reappears in the modern day, he must decide if he will return to the ways of war…for the child who betrayed him thousands of years ago…

Before rereading Sword of the Wild I realised that I had to look at the book as its own entity, removed from the larger continuity of the Valiant universe as a whole. This realisation came because for me Sword of the Wild doesn’t tie in to the portrayal of the Eternal Warrior we were given in Unity, and subsequently Book Of Death and Wrath of the Eternal Warrior (although the latter two came after Sword of the Wild) nor the general continuity Valiant had built at the time. Once I had taken that mentality with the book,  I sat down, opened the front cover and got started… and was immediately transported to what felt like a reimagination of the 90’s era Eternal Warrior.

I say this because although the book doesn’t lot in as well with the Valiant continuity as other books and series have done, it’s still a really enjoyable read. More so than I initially expected. When you look at this book as a standlone story about an immortal warrior finally having enough of the world’s shit and just wants to live the rest of his long days in peace (or at least a portion of them), and remove any preconcieved notions of how it could or should fit into the other stories featuring Gilad Anni-Padda, then you’ll find that there’s a really compelling four issue arc here.

Just on that maybe lines up better with the pre-relaunch Valiant comics than the Valiant Entertainment era.

I really enjoyed this book – far more than I expected to. So why is it today’s subject? Because I hear very few people talk about this volume with the enthusiasm the character deserves because it doesn’t fit the larger Valiant continuity as well as it could. But as a standalone story? It’s pretty good – that’s why the book is Underrated.

Join us next week when we look at something else that is, for whatever reason, Underrated.

Preview: Weapon H #7

Weapon H #7

(W) Greg Pak (A) Ario Anindito (CA) Philip Tan
Rated T+
In Shops: Sep 12, 2018
SRP: $3.99

• What are “Skrullduggers”? Dragon monsters with Skrull shape-shifting powers, obviously.
• What else is in this issue? Captain America and the Hulkverine! Who’s gonna buy this book? YOU!

Preview: Mech Cadet Yu #12

Mech Cadet Yu #12

Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Takeshi Miyazawa
Cover Artist: Takeshi Miyazawa
Colorist: Raúl Angulo
Letterer: Simon Bowland
Price: $3.99

Stanford and the other cadets will rely on all their training to try and save the world in the final issue of the critically acclaimed, fan-favorite series.

BOOM! Studios Unveils a First Look at Firefly #1

BOOM! Studios unveiled a preview of Firefly #1 in November 2018, bringing the iconic worldwide pop culture phenomenon back to comic books, original graphic novels and more. Now get your first look inside Firefly #1, the all-new series revealing the secret Firefly history that fans have demanded for years! Writer Greg Pak and artist Dan McDaid, along with series creator and story consultant Joss Whedon. The new series tells the definitive story of the Unification War, the intergalactic civil war that divided friend and family alike.

Mal thought he could outrun his past, but when a simple mission goes wrong, he’s forced to confront it in the form of the Unificators, mercenaries deputized to hunt down war criminals…and they’ve got Mal and Zoe at the top of their list! War can make villains of even the best men, and Mal’s quest for redemption will put him at odds with his own crew, forcing him to make a choice: fix the past or fight for the future.

Firefly #1 is is out on November 14, 2018. This issues features covers from artists Lee Garbett, Jock, Bill Sienkiewicz, Joe Quinones, and the Blank Sketch Variant.

Preview: Weapon X #22

Weapon X #22

(W) Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente (A) Yildiray Cinar (CA) Rahzzah
Rated T+
In Shops: Aug 15, 2018
SRP: $3.99

They were hunters who became the hunted… They were enemies forced to become allies… They were a ticking time bomb that had no choice but to fall apart… Out of the ashes of Team Weapon X, a new crew is borne! Sabretooth is putting together a team that is willing to do what other X-Men won’t, willing to wade into blood and filth to protect mutantkind! But who will make the cut? Don’t miss the debut of WEAPON X-FORCE!

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