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DC Rebirth Recap And Review For Comics Released 6/14

Welcome to Graphic Policy’s DC Rebirth: Recap And Review where we take a look at the comics released under DC‘s Rebirth banner and try to work out just how accessible they are for new readers – we’ll also be providing  recap of sorts for the relevant story beats up until the issue in question in order to help you figure out if the series is something you’re interested in.

Each comic will receive a rating of Friendly or Unfriendly based on how easy it was for

new readers to pick them up; the ratings are based solely on the issues released in the post-Rebirth ongoing series. More consideration regarding the comic’s accessibility will be given for the specific issue being read rather than the series overall, but if reading a back issue will help, then that will be mentioned. Generally, the quality of an issue won’t be discussed unless it directly impacts a new reader’s enjoyment of the series.

You may notice that not every comic is covered week to week, and that’s because I  sometimes forget to read them  (although that doesn’t happen often). If I have missed an issue, typically I won’t go looking for back issues to catch up on events – this feature is all about accessibility for new readers, after all.

AC_Cv981_dsAction Comics #981 Superman’s greatest enemies are teaming up to destroy him. The Eradictor and Cyborg Superman have just freed General Zod, and Superman has been caught in an unpenetrable darkness called the black vault where he’s face to face with his failures… oddly a Friendly comic.

Dark Days: The Forge #1 Technically a first issue, this comic pulls heavily from the end of Scott Snyder’s run in the New 52, and beyond into DC’s past. I feel as though I’m missing something here, but I’m pretty sure I’m not – for a brand spanking new fan this may not be too accessible, but if you’re willing to let the mystery unfold for you then it is Friendly.

Detective Comics #958 The first part of a new story that is an entirely new jumping on point. The only relevant bit if you’re utterly unaware as to the happenings in this comic is that Batman has a team in Gotham (he seems to have a lot of teams lately), and Clayface is on it. It’s a Friendly issue.

Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corps #22 A new story, Fracture, starts up here, and it’s as Friendly a place as any to start.

Justice League Of America #8 I really don’t enjoy reading this series all that often… but this is a Friendly place to start, assuming you’re aware of the line up. And funnily enough, it’s not a bad place to start, either.

NSM_Cv12_dsNew Super-Man #12 A relatively Unfriendly place to start, but an enjoyable comic nonetheless. The issue has some pretty interesting revelations regarding the New Super-Man’s past, Wonder-Woman’s past… and really a lot of things to reward those who have been with the series for a few issues (or are reading in trade).

Red Hood And The Outlaws #11 So here’s the thing: this is a Friendly comic because of Red Hood’s narration. I couldn’t remember any of the previous issue (at least not enough to give you a recap), but was able to enjoy this nonetheless.

Suicide Squad #19 Unless you’re reading this because it’s a tie-in to the Action Comics story currently running through that series, then this is an Unfriendly issue that new readers will really struggle to follow along with if you want to follow a plot… but this is a greatly entertaining comic nonetheless.

Superwoman #11 This is actually the second part of a new story, and I clearly missed the first part. Lana Lang’s powers somehow returned after they vanished (it’s explained later in the issue), making this issue quite Friendly, despite my utter lack of a recap.

The Flash #24 Barry actually gives a pretty decent recap of the the first part of the story himself during his internal monologue, and the rest you can piece together easily enough yourself as this Friendly issue progresses.

Titans #12 If you give the comic time to breath, this is a Friendly issue that doesn’t need a recap. You can piece together the bit of info you need for the issue to make sense from the included dialogue, and anything you can’t isn’t that relevant just yet.

Wonder Woman #24  The finale of a twelve issue story may not be ideal to start with, and I don’t want to ruin the story because it’s worth reading…  so I won’t. But, oddly, this is somewhat Friendly.

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