Geoff Johns Gives the Scoop on Watchmen, Superman, and Doomsday Clock

With the finale chapter of “The Button” hitting shelves this Wednesday, writer Geoff Johns is lifting the veil as to what’s next for the DC Universe and Watchmen. It all comes full circle this November with Doomsday Clock.

The standalone miniseries will be written by Johns with art by Gary Frank and continues the mystery that began in DC Universe Rebirth Special #1.

As we can see with the teaser it blends together Superman, the classic Watchmen clock (without the blood) and Superman’s nemesis Doomsday is invoked in the title. That character appeared in the first Rebirth arc of Action Comics. At the end of that arc, the mysterious Oz had captured Doomsday and the Oz seems to be tied into Watchmen somehow. Interestingly, the story doesn’t involve Doomsday though.

Johns says this is “Watchmen colliding with the DC Universe” and sets up a Doctor Manhattan/Superman story exploring a character who has lost his humanity and an alien who embodies humanity.

The story is focused on the miniseries without tie-ins or crossovers, but it will impact the entire DC Universe and “affect everything moving forward and everything that has come before.”

Johns had been working on the story for some time but was influenced by the recent US Presidential election, but it’s more than about that. Johns will explore the attitude of people and the extremes that seem to be everywhere as well as the anger and frustration. Rebirth brought back hope to the DC Universe and the concept is whether Watchmen’s grime can infect it.

How far can Superman fall? We’re going to find out in Doomsday Clock.