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Simon and Kirby’s Fighting American Returns at Titan Comics

Titan Comics has announced the return of a true comic icon, Fighting American ­ – Joe Simon and Jack Kirby’s legendary all-American hero is back kicking butt and taking names in this all-new epic in 2017!

First published in May 1954 and originally written and drawn by two of the greatest names in the history of comics, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, Fighting American was the embodiment of the homegrown, god-fearing, patriotic, apple pie-eating American superhero.

Where Simon and Kirby’s other patriotic hero, Captain America, socked it to the Nazis in World War II, Fighting American brought square-jawed justice to “the Commies” and villains such as Double Header, Hotsky Trotsky, and Round Robin!

Throughout their long partnership, Simon and Kirby helped revolutionize the comics industry from ground-breaking adventure comics to pioneering romance titles, westerns, crime comics and of course superheroes – a genre they helped to shape and define for generations to come.

With Fighting American, they brought a tongue-in-cheek irreverence to the world of two-fisted action and its mix of outlandish, satirical humor went on to establish Fighting American as a true American hero.

Hard times require hard heroes and in Titan Comics’ all-new series, written by Gordon Rennie with artwork by Duke Mighten, the comic picks up immediately after Simon and Kirby’s legendary 1954 series…

The character saw a revival in 1994 in a six-issue miniseries from DC Comics, followed by a 1997 by Rob Liefeld and Jeph Loeb at Awesome Entertainment. In 2009 Dynamite Entertainment announced a series with contributions from Alex Ross, but that announcement came before negotiations were finalized and the project never materialized.

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