Review: Deadpool vs Punisher #1


Fred Van Lente has made it so that the phrase “Nanny knows Krav Maga” is permanently etched in my cool phrase mind bank and, I am grateful to have read that gem. This very special story pits two of my favorite antiheroes against each other in a way that actually makes sense and doesn’t feel like a cheap crossover gimmick. If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if Wade Wilson came across Frank Castle you’re about to get your answer in Deadpool vs. The Punisher and it’s not the team up that you were expecting. This is one of those issues that makes it really hard for me to keep my review spoiler free because it’s so damn good I want to share it with everyone.

Pere Perez ‘s artwork gives us some panels that showcase the fight scenes in a way that would make any 80’s gamer, or Hotline Miami fan, tingle with glee at the crossing of the streams of awesomeness. Ruth Redmond provides some bright colors during the daytime fight scenes and a nice pop of blood in the night time Castle bar fight scenes. This issue is not only expertly drawn but beautifully colored in a way that makes the images come to life and caused me to wish for the day that this issue would become a movie.

We get to start off with Castle running through the bad guys on his mission to find the money behind bad guys he’s after, we then slide into the merc with a mouth spending quality time with people he genuinely cares about. The set up is by the numbers on its face but, it’s also filled with nuance and realism making this issues set up a plausible story. There are some very well written scenes that build upon the groundwork laid in the early pages that showcase both Punisher & Deadpool’s strengths and weaknesses. It builds up the story as if it’s sharing cut scenes from Street Fighter and, the final page of this issue is laid out like the end of a level up stage in a video game battle.

Overall, Van Lente manages to keep both of the title characters in their truest form, giving us loads of action, blood and, pure adrenaline raising violence. In round one of what I’m sure is going to be an epic arc, that ultimately ends with the two teaming up to take out the “real”  bad guys Tango & Cash style, the story comes to an abrupt and honest end. All of these amazing factors combine to form a perfect start to the arc, leaving me fully primed for round two because, Van Lente is telling one hell of a story and, I want more.

Story: Fred Van Lente Art: Pere Perez and Ruth Redmond
Story: 9.1 Art: 8.9 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review