Robert Venditti & Renato Guedes Chronicle the Coming of Eternal Warrior: Awakening #1 – Coming in May!

Valiant has announced Eternal Warrior: Awakening #1 – a punishing standalone special celebrating 25 years of Valiant’s immortal soldier…and revealing a never-before-told tale of his earliest adventures at the dawn of civilization! On May 10th, take up arms alongside writer Robert Venditti and artist Renato Guedes as they unleash the second of four special issues honoring the most beloved Valiant tales ever with a formative chapter in the life of Gilad Anni-Padda…and celebrating the original Eternal Warrior #1 by comic legends Jim Shooter and John Dixon!

On the brink of carving out victory in the most violent battle of his life, Gilad Anni-Padda suffers a devastating injury. He awakens weeks later in a strange land, nursed back to health but with no memory of his past. A tribe has shown him compassion in an age of cruelty, and he will return their gift in kind. Now the real violence will begin…

Featuring covers by superstar artist Clayton Crain, rising star Robert Gill, acclaimed artist Marc Laming, and astonishing artist Jeffrey Veregge, witness the dawn of the Valiant Universe firsthand with an essential one-shot celebrating 25 years of an indelible comic book icon – the unrelenting Eternal Warrior!

ew-awake_001_cover-a_crain ew-awake_001_cover-b_gill

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