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Preview: Star Trek: Year Five #17

Star Trek: Year Five #17

(W) Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly (A) J. K. Woodward (CA) Marc Laming
In Shops: Dec 30, 2020
SRP: $3.99

At last – the super secret origin of Gary Seven! Who was Gary Seven before AEGIS turned him into a time-traveling secret agent? What, exactly, does AEGIS want? Answers are revealed and secrets are exposed in this fully painted stand-alone spy thriller from showrunners Jackson Lanzing & Collin Kelly (Gotham City Garage, Green Arrow) and fan-favorite artist J.K. Woodward (Star Trek: Mirror Broken, Harlan Ellison’s Star Trek: City on the Edge of Forever)!

Star Trek: Year Five #17

Marc Laming Talks Bloodshot and Giant Russian God Beasts

Bloodshot #9

In a world overrun with monsters, only Bloodshot can end Hell on Earth! Bloodshot #9 is out this week and wraps up “Burned” leaving open the future of Bloodshot!

Written by Tim Seeley, Bloodshot #9 features the art of Marc Laming and Jason Masters with colors by Andrew Dalhouse, inks by Adelso Corona, and lettering by Dave Sharpe.

We got a chance to talk to Marc Laming about the series, his “Giant Russian God Beasts” and any pressure from a series in the spotlight due to Hollywood.

Graphic Policy: How did you end up working on Bloodshot?

Marc Laming: I had previously worked for Valiant on a lot of covers and some Ninjak and Archer & Armstrong and always enjoyed working for them. I got an email from Senior Editor Lysa Hawkins when she started at Valiant asking if I would be interested in working with her and I jumped at the chance, I had no idea at the time which book it would be but Lysa had promised me action and adventure. When I eventually found out I would be doing a series of covers and then a short run on Bloodshot I was really happy as I had loved what the relaunched Valiant under Warren Simons had done with the character. I was 100% on board and with Tim Seeley writing the stories it was the icing on the cake.

GP: This Bloodshot story has given you some really interesting things to draw – how much free reign did you get when designing the looks of the characters we see at the end of Bloodshot #7

ML: It was complete free reign as Tim only gave me “Giant Russian God Beasts” as a description of the huge Kaiju – the same with the zombie soldiers and the terrorist supermen. So, I got to just go as mad as I liked. 

GP: With Wigans having a cameo in Bloodshot #9, the issue will likely get some more eyes on it and most likely become an item for collectors. Does that ever cross your mind?

ML: Hahaha it really doesn’t factor into how I approach making comics. I’m really only thinking about making the visuals and storytelling as strong as possible, anything else is a distraction.

Bloodshot #9

GP: Going that route, there are probably new eyes on the series due to the film, is that something you think about as well?

ML: It really doesn’t cross my mind for the same reasons as the last question.

GP: Last time we chatted, you talked about how previous artists on the series influenced you more than the film. With this arc wrapping up, is there an aspect you hope you planted your flag with and carries on?

ML: I hope the Valiant universe gets to have a few of those Russian God Beasts I designed roaming around – I also liked the more human Bloodshot Tim gave us, I hope that I made that work and I’d like to see that continue.

GP: I know you’ve said you’d be interested in an Eternal Warrior story…  is there anything you can tell us about a potential book that hasn’t been announced yet?

ML: Not as yet – sorry.

GP: The last time we spoke, you said that you do too much research on locations. Have you ever been to a place you’ve researched at a later date and imagined the comic taking place in real time?

ML: I’m currently drawing a book set in Paris and once we can all travel again I would really like to go visit the locations I’m drawing to see if I did them justice and I really like the idea that the locations I use the reader could actually visit too.

GP: What have you got in store for us in the near future after Bloodshot #9? Anything that you can tell us?

ML: I’m working on two long-form graphic novels right now – one is a sci fi story and the other is an espionage action-adventure romantic comedy and both have pages set in Paris… Other than that, it’s all very hush hush still.

Preview: Bloodshot #9


Written by TIM SEELEY
Letters by DAVE SHARPE 
Cover B by KAEL NGU
Preorder Variant Cover by JASON METCALF
On sale OCTOBER 14th | 32 pages, full color | $3.99 US | T+

In a world overrun with monsters, only Bloodshot can end Hell on Earth!

What does the gripping conclusion of “BURNED” mean for the future of Bloodshot?


Preview: Bloodshot #7 Fully Loaded Edition


Written by TIM SEELEY
Letters by DAVE SHARPE
Photo Cover feat. Vin Diesel as BLOODSHOT
On sale AUGUST 12 | 32 pages, full color | $3.99 US | T+

Valiant’s supersoldier must hunt down monsters, aliens, living weapons, and other terrifying threats after they’re set loose from a top-secret facility in “The Burned” Part 1 – plus exclusive new content, and commentary from Kevin VanHook!


Marc Laming talks about Bloodshot and How it Differs from His Previous Work

Bloodshot #7 Fully Loaded Edition

Bloodshot #7 kicks off an action-packed story that basically unleashes hell on Earth as Bloodshot must hunt down monsters, living weapons, and other threats after they’re set loose from a top-secret facility. Written by Tim Seeley, Bloodshot #7 features pencils and inks by Marc Laming and he’ll provide the same for Bloodshot #9, the final chapter of the storyline. A new “Fully Loaded Edition” is on sale August 12 and features 8 bonus pages of content including an interview with co-creator Kevin VanHook.

Marc Laming is a British born artist who has worked on a plethora of characters ranging from Judge Dredd to the Incredible Hulk over a career spanning three decades.

We got a chance to ask Marc a few questions via email about his work on Bloodshot #7 and #9.

Graphic Policy: Hi Marc! How’s tricks?

Marc Laming: Good thank you, I’m keeping good and busy during these difficult times.

GP: With Bloodshot, you’re both pencilling and inking the book. Do you approach the art differently when doing both verses when just penciling?

ML: I haven’t just pencilled a book since the early 2000s when I was working for DC/Vertigo. Since then the market has tended to prefer hiring artists that are self-contained units and I had to learn really quickly to ink my own work so I was happy with the results.

GP: You’ve drawn a large variety of characters over your career. How does drawing Bloodshot differ from others you’ve drawn?

ML: Bloodshot gives you the opportunity to draw so many different things! It covers the obvious action and adventure but there are sci-fi elements across all of the Valiant universe that make it loads of fun and Bloodshot being a very different kind of hero allows for quiet more personal moments too.

GP: Can you take us through your process when you take on a new character?

ML: The writer’s script and the story’s requirements come first and then it is a question of deciding if they are larger than life or something more real world based. Then it is just a question of doing some research based on the script and starting to draw character sheets in my sketch books and on the Cintiq until we are all happy with the look of the new character.

GP: We’ve seen with other artists and publishers that a film can influence the look of a character or comic. Has that factored in at all?

ML: It depends on the project but on Bloodshot I was taking much more inspiration from the incredible work done on the series by artists such as Lewis Larosa, Brett Booth, Paolo Rivera and Dougie Braithwaite than I did on the movie spectacular as it is. 

GP: With Bloodshot #7, you were able to add a lot of nuance to an action packed story by way of Bloodshot and Eidolin’s expressions and body language. I might have forgotten my question… Oh – when it comes to the visual storytelling, do you prefer the subtle moments or the big bombastic ones? 

ML: I like them both but those quiet more tender moments really allow you to put all the emphasis on character and acting in the drawing.

GP: When it comes to drawing locations you may or may not have visited, do you use a lot of visual reference or just kinda wing it?

ML: I use probably much more reference than I really need – In issue nine for example all the buildings and streets in the Russian city are real and you could visit them if you went there. The same of course is true of the London locations including the sewers which were fully researched too!

GP: You’ve worked on Ninjak (with Eternal Warrior) and Archer & Armstrong in the past; what other Valiant character would you like to get your hands on?

ML: I’d love to do a historical Eternal Warrior story and I love the characters from Divinity so any of those would be great to work on in future, oh and Livewire.

GP: What have you got in store for us in the near future after Bloodshot #9? Anything that you can tell us?

ML: I’m currently working on a large graphic novel but that’s all I can say about that right now, but I’m sure I will be shouting about it on my social media soon.

GP: Thank you very much for your time!

Check out an early look at Bloodshot #9!

Preview: Red Sonja (Vol. 5) #16

Red Sonja (Vol. 5) #16

writer: Mark Russell
artist: Bob Q
covers: Jae Lee (A), Joseph Michael Linsner (B), Bob Q (C), Marc Laming (D), Katy DeCobray Cosplay Variant (E), Juan Gedeon “Jim Lee Homage” Variant (RI), Andrew Pepoy “Seduction” Cover (RI), Juan Gedeon “Jim Lee Homage” Variant (RI-Virgin), Joseph Michael Linsner (RI-B/W), Jae Lee (RI-BW), Bob Q (RI-Virgin), Pepoy “Seduction” Cover (RI-B/W)
FC | 32 pages | Sword and Sorcery | $3.99 | Teen+

Year Two continues, by MARK RUSSELL (DC’s Year Of The Villain) and BOB Q (Captain America).

Sonja The Red, the Master of War, goes to the domicile of the Master Of Souls. There, she learns the horrible truth of the army she is meant to lead into battle…

Red Sonja (Vol. 5) #16

Preview: Red Sonja (Vol. 5) #15

Red Sonja (Vol. 5) #15

writer: Mark Russell
artist:  Bob Q
covers: Jae Lee (A), Joseph Michael Linsner (B), Bob Q (C), Marc Laming (D), Katy DeCobray Cosplay Variant (E)
Adam Gorham “McFarlane Homage” Variant (RI), Pepoy “Seduction” Cover (RI), Adam Gorham “McFarlane Homage” Variant (RI/Virgin), Joseph Michael Linsner (RI-B/W), Jae Lee (RI-B/W), Bob Q (RI-Virgin), Pepoy “Seduction” Cover (RI-B/W)
FC  |  32 pages  |  Sword and Sorcery  |  $3.99  |   Teen+ 

“To Cut And To Bleed”

The epic continues. Sonja The Red can save her kingdom… by abdicating her throne. If she agrees to lead a man’s army, and kill indiscriminately, then her people will be fed. By MARK RUSSELL (DC’s Year Of The Villain) and BOB Q (Captain America).

Red Sonja (Vol. 5) #15

Jim Starlin Returns to Dreadstar

Dreadstar Returns

Ominous Press has launched Dreadstar Returns, with the return of Jim Starlin to the character!

Dreadstar Returns, an all-new 100-page hardcover graphic novel by legendary writer/artist Jim Starlin, creator of Thanos. After suffering an accident that injured his drawing hand a few years ago, Jim Starlin though his drawing days were over. But through hard work, Jim Starlin is back at the drawing board.

In addition to the Dreadstar Returns graphic novel, the Kickstarter campaign is offering the Dreadstar Guidebook, a 100-page hardcover companion volume chronicling the history and characters from the saga. The Who’s Who-style volume is written by Robert Greenberger.

The Kickstarter campaign, which runs until May 10, has a funding goal of $28,000. Reward tiers in addition to the graphic novel and guidebook, include Dreadstar Omnibus volumes, as well as the three-volume slipcase version; Legacy reprint issues of Dreadstar #1, featuring images by an array of superstar artists; sketch covers featuring original art by artists including Ron Lim, Dan Panosian, Rick Leonardi, Darick Robertson, Marc Laming, and Tom Nguyen; a logo T-shirt; the Jim Starlin collection of books from Ominous Press; and more.

Bloodshot #7 Gets a Fully Loaded Edition Featuring Vin Diesel

Before Bloodshot #7 hits shelves on March 11th, Valiant has revealed the explosive issue will also receive a special “Fully Loaded” Edition on April 8th!

Featuring Vin Diesel’s Bloodshot on the cover, the Bloodshot #7 “Fully Loaded” Edition is packed with eight epic pages of bonus content that includes new artwork, classified information, and commentary from Bloodshot’s co-creator Kevin Vanhook!

Bloodshot #7 kicks off part 1 of the new story arc “Burned,” an action-packed three-issue story that unleashes hell on Earth! Valiant’s supersoldier must hunt down monsters, aliens, living weapons, and other terrifying threats after they’re set loose from a top-secret facility. It’s the perfect jumping-on spot while also continuing the fast-paced and thrilling storyline that Bloodshot writer Tim Seeley has been crafting since the debut issue.

The “Fully Loaded” edition of Bloodshot #7 will release on the same day as Bloodshot #8 (April 8th), allowing fans to jump right into the first two chapters of “Burned!”

Bloodshot #7 “Fully Loaded” will be available in comic shops and wherever comics are sold on April 8th. The issue is written by Tim Seeley, features art by Marc Laming and Jason Masters, colors by Andrew Dalhouse, and letters by Dave Sharpe.

Bloodshot #7 Fully Loaded Edition

Preview: Bloodshot #7


Written by TIM SEELEY
Letters by DAVE SHARPE
Cover B by KAEL NGU
Preorder Cover by JUAN DOE
On sale MARCH 11 | 32 pages, full color | $3.99 US | T+

Before you see Vin Diesel’s Bloodshot on the big screen… leap into the thrilling comics with “BURNED” PART ONE!

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