Review: Inhumans vs. X-Men #0

inhumans_vs__x_men__0This issue sets the stage for the upcoming Inhumans vs. X-Men mega-event! Learn who the major players will be, plus the seeds of the incredible plan that will unfold in IVX #1. Beast and Iso travel the world to learn a desperate truth, the X-Men assemble their ranks and the Inhumans prepare for the war to come. It all begins with one choice – see it here.

Zero issues like this are interesting in that they seem to have a couple of goals in mind. They need to catch up new readers, have something new for long time readers, and also set up everything that’s to come between those first two focuses. There’s also a recent issue of Marvel’s zero issues being solid with the rest of the event it’s leading up to not living up to the hype and expectations, but that’s a whole other problem. Inhumans vs. X-Men #0 feels at first like it’s mainly catching up readers, but then a twist happens.

Writer Charles Soule does an impressive job with this “first issue” balancing the needs. We get a new perspective of everything that’s gone down when it comes to the issues between the Inhumans and X-Men/Mutants through the perspective of Beast. But, through that catch-up, there’s a lot more revealed concerning the fate of the Terrigen mist cloud that’s circling the Earth. That’s some of the intrigue of the issue and should be interesting to see how it plays out as what Beast discovers has a few implications.

But, Soule also plays off the recent Death of X storyline. That four-issue miniseries was a precursor giving us the beginnings of the issues between the Inhumans and Mutants, but also the death of numerous Mutants, including Scott Summers aka Cyclops. This is a bit of a spoiler, but while the comic “ends” with what appears to be Cyclops being blasted into oblivion by Black Bolt, in reality, he died due to M-Pox much earlier and what we saw was a projection by Emma Frost.

And that’s the more intriguing thing in this issue, the focus on Emma Frost. We see her planning and dealing with the death of Cyclops. She’s clearly lost it a bit and there’s an exchange between her and the Stepford Cuckoos that would indicate she may actually believe her own made-up reality. Is this Emma losing her grip a bit or is she so wrapped up in revenge she doesn’t care? We’ll hopefully find out, as it seems she’s at the center of what’s to come as the issue has her meeting with individuals recruiting them for whatever plan she has come up with to exact revenge against Black Bolt and the Inhumans.

The art by Kenneth Rocafort is solid as expected. His usual style is dialed back a little and it looks fantastic. What I really liked is the small details added to the page as there’s some design elements added to the margins around panels. It’s a really cool element that I think adds to the page design making things pop a little more. It’s a small detail, but one that really adds a lot overall.

The comic is a good one and there’s more than enough for long time readers and new readers. There’s new elements that really move things along and solid writing that catches others up. As a zero issue goes, it does its job and then some. Most importantly it sets the stage for what looks like an interesting event, here’s hoping the following issues hold up.

Story: Charles Soule Art: Kenneth Rocafort
Story: 8.05 Art: 8.05 Overall: 8.05 Recommendation: Buy

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review