Review: Death of X #3

death_of_x__3In Death of X #3, Cyclops and Emma Frost start to hatch their plan and The Inhumans cross a line with the mutants.

With one more issue to go we’re getting closer to the answer as to what exactly happened that drove such a schism between the Inhumans and Mutants.

Death of X #3 continues to stretch out the story which so far feels like it could have been completed in a tighter two issues. Written by Charles Soule and Jeff Lemire, the issue balances a decent amount as forces are gathered and moves are made by the players.

There are some good things in the issue as it all flows really well and the missteps and actions feel natural. But, that’s part of the issue too, in that those missteps feel like they’ve been played out so many times in so many different media. The miscommunication ups the stress of the situation and someone accidently pulls a trigger that sets things off. It’s a pretty simple setup, but it’s done pretty well with a lot of small moments really making up the stronger whole.

Aaron Kuder and Javier Gorgón handle the pencils which I think have been pretty weak for the event. None of it is bad, but the characters feel like they’re stretched out a bit. It’s the artist’s style and my take is just a personal one. I do dig some of the panel layouts. There’s actually some really cool things that get me to take notice of the page and spend time looking at all of the small details.

I said it with the first issue, I’m waiting for the end to really see how it all ends. This has been a rather odd miniseries to read as we know where things are and this fills in the gap. Who lives? Who dies? That’s the questions this answers and the main draw for me. And in the end, it’s all prequel for the event series to come next.

Story: Charles Soule, Jeff Lemire Art: Aaron Kuder, Javier Gorgón
Story: 6.85 Art: 7.0 Overall: 6.90 Recommendation: Read

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review