Review: Black Panther #7

black-panther-7*Warning Spoilers Below*

Ta-Nehisi Coates weaves a wonderful tale in the current issue of Black Panther. Issue #7 adds another layer of realness to the story of the Black Panther by providing a dash of folklore, a real time betrayal, some kick ass fight sequences, well-used cameos and, an informative spirit talk.

The issue kicks off with the Black Panther playing possum to gather intel and aid in saving his people. After getting himself captured by Ezekial Stane to take him down the cavalry arrives to save him and take Stane down. We get treated to a rescue mission when Luke Cage, Misty Knight, Storm, and Eden serve up a beatdown on Stane’s men while a bound Black Panther takes down Stane. The clever and funny quips keep on coming and the fight panels are entertaining and action packed. Unfortunately, Stane gets away with help from the teleporting member of his crew.

In the wild poor Changamire is about to be taken down as he tries to impart wisdom and advice to the young upstarts who are in ways worse than the outsiders destroying the nation. The betrayal is inevitable and of course being the wise man he is, sees it coming but, does not defend himself. Instead, he leaves his murderers with a message of hope, peace, and wisdom in what we are lead to believe are his last words and the end of him.

Shuri is out in the Djalia talking to her spirit mom trying to figure out how to save her people. She uses her spirit guide to remember a folklore that might be the key. When it all comes together,  she learns that doubt is what is keeping her down and makes it so that she can’t save her nation until she can kill the doubt within.

We are left on a cliffhanger, Changamire’s life hangs in the balance, the rebels are on the loose, Stane is in the wind, the gang is back together, Suri has got her  mojo and, takes off at the end of her spirit quest with all the glow of Leroy at the end of The Last Dragon and, I feel something brewing again between Storm & Panther. Coates kills it with stellar storytelling, clever dialogue, a great story and, setting an unforgettable mood. The story will stay with you for a while after you finish the last page.

Chris Sprouse‘s pencil work, Karl Story‘s ink and finishes and Laura Martin‘s coloring add great depth to the story and allow the readers to seamlessly transition from points of view, time frames and stories. The attention to detail in the artwork makes it so that flashbacks and folklore seem mystical and poignant. It also makes the current time fight panels seem real and action packed and, the betrayals seem real and visceral.

Overall, Black Panther #7 was a great read that left me wanting more. Every aspect of the comic was thought out, deliberate, every word was integral to the story and the characters and, every panel was packed with detail that brought the story to life.

Story: Ta-Nehisi Coates Art: Chris Sprouse Ink: Karl Story Color: Laura Martin
Story: 9.5 Art: 9.4 Overall: 9.5 Recommendation: Buy

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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