Early Review: Warlords of Appalachia #1

Warlords of Appalachia #1 cover by Massimo CarnevaleAfter the second American Civil War, Kentucky is an occupied nation within U.S. borders. When a single father and mechanic accidentally sparks a rebellion, he finds himself on the path to becoming the first feudal warlord of Appalachia.

Warlords of Appalachia is a new series from writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson, pencils/inks by Jonas Scharf, colors by Doug Garbark, letters by Jim Campbell, and being published by BOOM! Studios. Out in October it’s a look at a nation torn apart after second Civil War and it’s an interesting one indeed.

The series touches on so many fascinating topics in the first issue, any of which would make a fascinating comic series. The occupation of Kentucky, the post-war economics, drug use, they’re all there and they all create a rather fresh and intriguing take on the topic.

Johnson drops us directly into things as tensions rise throughout the issue to the eventual spark and rebellion referenced in the promotional text. I don’t know enough about Appalachia to comment on how the area is depicted in the comic, but it isn’t all stereotypes here.

And Johnson paints everyone in a gray area too. The locals dealing with occupation, the occupiers themselves, there’s no clear good and bad in this first issue and how things shake out from here will be really interesting.

The art by Scharf, colors by Garbark come together to paint a land occupied and beaten down. It’s a gritty comic and the art perfectly reflects the world we’re thrust in to. It’s a solid mix of story and visuals. Johnson lets the art say so much as the state and situation of the occupied land is shown as much as described. Small details such as the decay of buildings and overgrowth adds to the atmosphere and speaks volumes and where things stand.

Johnson has another interesting series on his hand here and by the time this first issue wraps up the directions it can go are pretty endless and all are interesting. Not too shocking that I enjoyed it, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the next issue. The comic comes to shelves this October and it’s one you’ll definitely want to check out.

Story: Phillip Kennedy Johnson Art: Jonas Scharf
Story: 8.65 Art: 8.15 Overall: 8.65 Recommendation: Buy

Graphic Policy was provided with a FREE copy for review