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NYCC 2019: AferShock Grapples with MMA in Kill A Man from Steve Orlando, Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Alec Morgan, and Jim Campbell

At New York Comic Con, AfterShock announced Kill A Man, a brand new original graphic novel from writers Steve Orlando and Phillip Kennedy Johnson featuring art by Alec Morgan and lettering by Jim Campbell.

In the early days of Mixed Martial Arts, kickboxer icon DJ Bellyi slurs a queer opponent in the ring, and is beaten to death while his young son James watches in horror from the stands.

Sixteen years later, young James Bellyi has become an MMA star in his own right, with top-tier endorsements and an imminent title shot. But when James is outed as gay by an opponent in a press conference, he loses everything: his title shot, his fans, his team, even his family. To fight his way back, he turns to the only one left in the world willing to train him: Xavier Mayne, the man who killed his father.

The graphic novel will be released in two oversized 60-page volumes. Kill A Man is out early summer 2020.

Kill A Man

Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Riccardo Federici, Dean White, and Tom Napolitano forge the tale of The Last God with DC Black Label

This October 30, DC delves into a new world of myth, magic and lore in The Last God. The series is from writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson, artist Riccardo Federici, colorist Dean White, and letterer Tom Napolitano. The story follows a cross-generational quest to kill an evil tyrant king. Known as the Last God, he seeks to destroy the land of Cain Anuun. The 12-issue series begins October 30 being published under DC Black Label.

The creator-owned series answers the question as to DC’s commitment to that aspect of publishing. With the recent announcement of the streamlining of DC’s publishing brands, it was unsure if we’d continue to see such series published by them.

In the announced, Johnson said:

This is a terrifying horror story told in a stunning epic-fantasy world. Set in two different generations, it follows a mighty fellowship of heroes that travels beyond the borders of creation to kill a god, and the next generation, who learn their predecessors aren’t the heroes the world believes them to be.

The series is perfect for fans of D&DGame of ThronesLord of the Rings and Magic: The Gathering, and anyone who enjoys deep-dives into fantasy lore: you will be extremely well-served with The Last God. Stay tuned!

Thirty years ago, a fellowship of legendary adventurers saved their world by slaying the demonic tyrant Mol Uhltep—The Last God. Following his downfall, the realm entered a new age of peace and prosperity. But a generation later, when the leader of the original fellowship dies, their children and successors learn their terrible lie:

The Last God still lives.

A new generation of heroes must unearth the secrets that their parents kept, and set out to finish what was started thirty years before. And this time, they must not fail.

Check out the covers by Kai Carpenter, a map by Jared Blando, and interiors from the art team below.

The Last God

Preview: Planet Of The Apes: When Worlds Collide SC

Planet Of The Apes: When Worlds Collide SC

Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer: Matt Kindt, Jeff Jensen, Dan Abnett, David Walker, Ryan Ferrier, Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Artist: Matt Smith, Jared Cullum, Carlos Magno, George Schall, Lalit Kumar Sharma, Morgan Beem
Colorists: Gabriel Cassata, Joana Lafuente
Letterer: Ed Dukeshire
Cover Artist: Fay Dalton with John Keaveney
Price: $14.99

In celebration of the original film’s 50th anniversary, stories from both eras of the Planet of the Apes franchise are featured together in one collection for the first time ever.

These all-new stories include the reveal of the ape who calls the remains of the Statue of Liberty home, and the first look at the world left behind following the events of War for the Planet of the Apes.

Featuring bestselling authors Matt Kindt (Grass Kings, Black Badge), Jeff Jensen (Green River Killer), and Dan Abnett (Guardians of the Galaxy), Planet of the Apes: When Worlds Collide is an unprecedented examination of the iconic franchise that fans of the original and new series will not want to miss.

Planet Of The Apes: When Worlds Collide SC

BOOM!, Peter Dinklage, Netflix, and Matt Reeves Team Up for a Feature Version of Last Sons of America

Last Sons of America

BOOM! Studios, Peter Dinklage, Netflix, and Matt Reeves are coming together for a feature version of Last Sons of America by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Matthew Dow Smith.

Dinklage will start in the film that’s set in a not too distant feature where Americans can no longer conceive children which have become a valuable commodity around the globe. The story follows two brothers, Jackie and Julian (Dinklage), who operate as adoption agents in Colombia. There they secure deals with families willing to give up their children for a “better life” in America. Things spiral out of control dragging the brothers into a dark mystery about the world’s status quo.

Josh Mond will direct and is adapting, while additional casting is still being worked on. Producing are Reeves and Adam Kassan for 6th & Idaho, Dinklage and David Ginsberg for Estuary Films, and Ross Richie and Stephen Christy for BOOM! Executive producers are 6th & Idaho’s Rafi Crohn and BOOM!’s Adam Yoelin.

6th & Idaho and BOOM! are also in pre-production on adapting another comic series, Mouse Guard, for Fox.

Review: War is Hell #1

War is Hell #1

In honor of Marvel’s 80th Anniversary and history with War Comics comes a brand new edition of War is Hell with two fascinating and soul-crushing tales of War. “In the Mood” by Howard Chaykin takes you to the skies as the Luftwaffe and RAF battle over the English Channel for a battle tale of bitter irony and “War Glammer” by Phillip Kennedy Johnson brings you back to Earth in modern day Afghanistan with a story that will chill you to the bone.

War Is Hell #1 is a comic of two stories – quite literally. Paying homage to the publisher’s roots, we get two separate and distinct stories decry the horrors of war. The second is far more brutal than the first, and is set up as a narration over imagery as a group of US soldier embark on a raid in Afghanistan. The story, War Glammer is written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and features art by Alberto Alburquerque with colours by Andres Mossa. It’s easily the darker of the two in terms of subject matter and the visuals used – which are really quite solid – and doesn’t try to gloss over the soldier’s experience.

Look, I need to be utterly clear here: I am not, nor have I ever been, a member of the armed forces. I genuinely don’t know what war is like beyond news reports and stories online, so while this story fills my impression of war, my impression could be very, very wrong.

That said, War Glammer is a good story, fully contained with a powerful impact on the reader (especially upon the second read through).

Howard Chaykin’s story, In The Mood takes place over several years in the Second World War and follows a German fighter pilot who disagrees with the Nazi philosophy, but takes pride in serving his country (“Germany, not Nazi-Germany”) well. This short story feels very much like the older stories that this book is paying homage too, both in setting and the content of the story. In The Mood is much lighter than the follow up, again both visually and in subject matter, but leaves no less an impact upon the reader as the story reminds us that our actions have consequences.

War Is Hell #1 is a really interesting comic, and the dual story nature of it forces both writers to trim the chaff – neither is forced to extend their stories to fill the space within, and the comic is stronger for it. If you’re interested in a couple of really good short stories, then this is worth picking up; I was going to recommend this when I assumed it was $6, but after a quick fact check, it’s only $4.

Story: Howard Chaykin and Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Artist: Howard Chaykin and Alberto Alburquerque
Colourist: Edgar Delgardo and Andres Mossa Letterer: Ken Bruzenak Story: 7.9 Art: 8.3 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Read.

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review.

Preview: War is Hell #1

War is Hell #1

(W) Howard Chaykin, Phillip Kennedy Johnson (A) Howard Chaykin, More (CA) Dan Panosian
Rated T+
In Shops: Jan 23, 2019
SRP: $3.99


In honor of Marvel’s 80th Anniversary and history with War Comics comes a brand new edition of WAR IS HELL with two fascinating and soul-crushing tales of War. “In the Mood” by Howard Chaykin takes you to the skies as the Luftwaffe and RAF battle over the English Channel for a battle tale of bitter irony and “War Glammer” by Phillip Kennedy Johnson brings you back to Earth in modern day Afghanistan with a story that will chill you to the bone.

War is Hell #1

Preview: Low Road West #5

Low Road West #5

Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Artist: Flaviano
Letterer: Miquel Muerto
Colorist: Jim Campbell
Cover Artist: Flaviano
Price: $3.99

Forced from the only refuge they have been able to find, the teenage refugees must face off once and for all against the enemy that surrounds them… and the enemy within them.

Low Road West #5

Exclusive: Check Out Geof Darrow’s Original Art for the Next Two Volumes of Full Bleed

IDW Published is currently running a Kickstarter for Full Bleed Vol. 3: Heavy Rotation which runs until January 10.

The print only hardcover magazine features a long-lost interview with bestselling comic book writer Grant Morrison, discussing his feud with writer Alan Moore; a conversation between music legends Metallica’s Kirk Hammett and Anthrax’s Scott Ian; interviews with with comic book legend Geof Darrow, and contributions by Julia Alekseyeva, Abdulkareem Baba Aminu, Peter Bagge, Tini Howard, Gideon Kendall, Roger Langridge, Joe Lansdale, Erin Nations, Benjamin Percy, Jon Raymond, Sara Richard, Vivek J. Tiwary, Noah Van Sciver; Shannon Wheeler, and many more.

On top of some impressive entertainment, this is your chance to own original art of Geof Darrow‘s.

The Geof Darrow Original Art Tier nets you Signed & Numbered Limited Versions of the next 2 volumes of Full Bleed: The Comics & Culture Quarterly, along with signed limited prints for those two volumes (Artists TBD) along with slipcase for all FOUR volumes. Plus a free copy of Las Vegas Repo #2! Plus an enamel Full Bleed “Sphere” pin (3rd in the series).. AND get your name in the next volume of Full Bleed ! Along with one piece of completely ORIGINAL ART by the legendary Geof Darrow!

We’ve got an exclusive first look at the original art by Darrow.

The Kickstarter runs until January 10 and Full Bleed Vol. 3: Heavy Rotation features:

  • The Grant Morrison Interview, Part One, By Gavin Edwards, illustration by Peter Bagge
  • Monsters of Rock: An interview with Metallica’s Kirk Hammett, and Anthrax’s Scott Ian, concerning their shared history and love of all things horror and genre, By Russell Sheath, illustration by Tony Shasteen
  • We Don’t All Live in a Yellow Submarine: An Essay, By Vivek J. Tiwary
  • The Watering Shed: A brand-new short story featuring Hap & Leonard, By award-winning novelist Joe Lansdale
  • Lover’s Eyes: An Essay, By Tini Howard, with illustrations by Sara Richard
  • Arizona Daisy: A new comic, By Roger Langridge
  • May 1968: The Revolution that Almost Was – A comic essay, By Julia Alekseyeva
  • Black’s In: When a “Blackout” is a Good Thing, Text and illustrations by Abdulkareem Baba Aminu
  • Following the Bloody Trail of the Shaolin Cowboy: An interview with Geof Darrow, featuring never-before-seen art, by Hannah Means-Shannon
  • The Underdream: A new comic, By Josh O’Neill and Gideon Kendall
  • The Lost Boys of the U-Boat Bremen: Chapter Three, By Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Steve Beach
  • Down Mexico Way: A travel log, By Jarrett Melendez, with illustration from Danica Brine
  • Uncharted Part Two: A short story, By Benjamin Percy with spot illustrations by Brent Schoonover
  • The Shapes: A new comic, By Adam Knave & Andrew Losq
  • New short comics from Shannon Wheeler, Jennifer Hayden and Noah Van Sciver
  • A personal tale of young love gone wrong, By award-winning novelist and screenwriter, Jon Raymond
  • The Big Smoke, a photo essay, By Joel Meadows
  • Blade Runner: Technology Steals the Soul — An essay, By Tom Waltz, with illustration by Santipérez
  • The Five Most Important Underground Cartoonists, an essay, By Bob Levin
  • Home: A new comic by Erin Nations

Preview: Low Road West #3

Low Road West #3

Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Artist: Flaviano
Letterer: Miquel Muerto
Colorist: Jim Campbell
Cover Artist: Flaviano
Price: $3.99

When the kids come face to face with the Deserters and their leader, they are offered a terrible choice—turn on one another, and survive, or stand together against certain death.

Preview: Planet Of The Apes: The Time Of Man #1

Planet Of The Apes: The Time Of Man #1

Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer: Dan Abnett, David Walker, Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Artist: Carlos Magno, George Schall, Morgan Beem
Colorist: Gabriel Cassata
Letterer: Ed Dukeshire
Cover Artists:
Main Cover:
Fay Dalton and John Keaveney
    Virgin Art Cover: Michael Allred
Price: $7.99

Celebrate over 50 years of one of cinema’s most important franchises with this one-shot collection of stories highlighting the Planet of the Apes’ most dangerous enemy: the beast called man!

Featuring stories from both the original films and new series canon, including the early years of Armando and Caesar before Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, and for the first time ever, a story set after the harrowing events of War for the Planet of the Apes, following a few of the remaining human survivors.

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