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Where the Data Ranks 2016’s Comic Book Films

The summer movie season is wrapping up and we’ve seen an interesting year when it comes to comic book films. For months debates have raged as to who is more successful, Marvel or DC, which movies were successes, and which were flops. The answers aren’t so simple and black and white, which is why I like to turn to data to give actual rankings as to who were winners and losers.

So far this year, seven films have been released based on comic books (counting Batman: The Killing Joke). This feature will be weekly until the end of the year, as some films are still in the box-office and there’s till more to come.

Of note:

  • Suicide Squad crossed $300 million domestically this past week and will likely cross $700 million after today (it sits at $699 million). At the cheapest modern DC Cinematic Universe film with a budget of $175 million, the film has had the best return for budget at 4x. Batman v Superman was the previous best at 3.49x and Man of Steel just 2.97x.
  • After this week, DC’s film Universe on average performs better at the domestic box office, while Marvel’s film universe performs better at international markets. The biggest difference is in budgets with the average DC film costing $216.7 million and Marvel an even $180 million. That has Marvel’s films with a return of 4.19x and DC at 3.49x. The best return of any modern comic cinematic universe remains Fox’s X-Men films with 4.25x. All time when it comes to a film universe, DC’s original Batman films had a return of 5.09x.

Here’s where this year’s movie crop stands as far as the actual numbers. Numbers are presented with and without The Killing Joke which did not have an international run, so was not included in that average to start:

Total Domestic Gross: $1.650 billion ($1.646 billion without Killing Joke)
Total International Gross: $2.649 billion
Worldwide Gross: $4.299 billion ($4.295 billion without Killing Joke)
Total Reported Budgets: $1.050 billion ($1.046 billion without Killing Joke)
Total “Profit”: $3.2497 billion ($3.2494 billion without Killing Joke)

Average Domestic Gross: $235,738,141 ($274,398,665 without Killing Joke)
Average International Gross: $441,505,582
Average: Worldwide Gross: $614,171,497 ($715,904,247 without Killing Joke)
Average Budget: $149,928,571 ($174,333,333 without Killing Joke)
Average Profit: $464,242,926 ($541,570,913 without Killing Joke)

Now that we have those numbers down we can get a better idea as to how films have actually done this year. Below are various rankings of where films stand so far and if the films are above average (green) or below average (red):

film-domestic-9-12 film-worldwide-9-12film-international-9-12 film-profit-9-12