Review: Vampblade #5

Vampblade_issue5_coverAKatie Carva continues to discover more about the Vampblades, but a girl’s gotta eat, so why not dine and slash?! Just when she thinks she’s figured out how to take on the invisible-but-deadly Glorkian face-feeders, they go and get all next level on her!

The high energy, and quick pace seen in the first four issues of Vampblade continues after a month off. Written by Jason Martin, the issue manages to introduce another new character, briefly, known as MOM SpaceKnight. Either a tribute, or parody of another semi-well known comic book character ROM, it’s hard to tell how serious to take it. The issue leaves you with an ending that makes you want to know what happens next.

While new character MOM Spaceknight is introduced, Artist Winston Young manages to make the ROM inspired character highly original. Though were left with a lot open as to the origin of the suit. Both creators do manage to share in a subtle and brief prologue that the suit belongs to Katie’s mom, but that’s what we’re left with. At least I think it’s someone who looks a lot like her mom, anyway. Long, lost twin sister? Forgotten cousin, who knows? All I know, is I want to know more.

Story: Jason Martin Art: Winston Young
Story: 8.5 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

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