#QueerSelfLove is Necessary in Comics

It’s been a brutal time in LGBTQA communities. We are rightfully focused on taking action to protect our communities and stand in solidarity with Muslims and Latinx people; especially LGBTQA Muslim and Latinx people. We must take care of each other. That includes self care.

I don’t want to center the story on people like me. I want to tell you to read the words of latinx LGBTQA people like Delma Catalina Limones,

2016-06-15_1658But I also want to make space to share something beautiful I saw on twitter today.

And then it went viral.

Countless people joined in. It did my soul a whole lot of good to see how many people in comics participated. Fans, writers, artists, critics all of the above. Comics is queer as hell. It has always been queer since the invention of Wonder Woman if not even older.

But right now LGBTQA people in comics and fan communities are organizing like never before. It is already making a difference. I want to thank all of the beautiful people speaking out today. Here are a few of them: