Review: Heroes: Godsend #3

01 HeroesGodsend3_CoverAFarah has a mission: to break someone out from a maximum security prison – and that someone is a familiar face to Heroes fans… Plus, we continue to learn Farah’s origins as she is put through more training challenges – this time, she has to face a whole host of poisonous spiders…

Between the flashbacks, the prison breakout, and a restaurant fire there is a great amount of action crammed into the 29 pages of Heroes: Godsend #3. Extending the grit, and realism of Heroes Reborn, the story follows Farah and Mr Linderman. While Mr Linderman only appears briefly, there seems to be a small connection with a mysterious Mr. Vance.

Artist Roy Allan Martinez adds a sense of realism to Mr Linerman, by managing to capture the look of Malcom McDowell who played the character in Heroes. The flashback of how Farah got her Godsend scar is intriguing, and reveals some of why her character is so strong. Even though it may scare some readers who have arachnophobia, so be warned. The blend of Farah’s state of invisibility, and solid form is a well executed piece of art within itself.

Story: Joey Falco Art: Roy Allan Martinez
Story: 9 Art: 9 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy

Titan Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review