Mike Richardson and Scott Allie Both Issue Statements

Early today we ran an article about the repeated unacceptable repeated behavior concerning Scott Allie. Since our piece ran both Allie, and Dark Horse‘s Founder Mike Richardson have issued statements.

Here’s Allie’s statement which was issued to another site:

I’m deeply sorry about my behavior at San Diego Comic Con 2015 and I apologize to everyone I’ve hurt. I’m completely embarrassed by my actions and how my behavior reflects on Dark Horse Comics, my friends and family. My personal approach and decisions for managing stress were bad. Dark Horse and I have taken the matter very seriously and since this incident, we have taken steps to correct and to avoid any behavior like this in the future. Although apologies can’t undo what has happened, I’ve tried to apologize to everyone impacted by my behavior. To my family, friends, co-workers, and to the industry — please know that I am truly, truly sorry.

Allie has also said he has apologized to Harris and is seeking outside help for substance abuse. We wish Allie well on his recovery and do wish him the best.

Below is Richardson’s full statement:

I applaud Ms. Asselin’s Intentions in dealing with sexual harassment in the comics industry.

I also want to make one thing very clear: Dark Horse as a company, and myself as an individual, take the kinds of inexcusable incidents reported by Ms. Asselin very seriously—doubly so when it involves one of our employees. In cases such as these, we have been proactive in our response, with a variety of professional services involved, all with the goal of changing behavior. Additionally, a number of internal responses are acted upon, including termination if such behavior continues. Under no circumstance is any individual “harbored.” In this particular case, action was taken immediately, though we did not, and cannot, perform a public flogging, as some might wish.

Secondly, there is no “us-against-them” attitude here. I have an open door policy and every employee, no matter where she/he sits in the company, is invited to come in to my office with any complaint or observation, at any time. I restate this policy constantly. I won’t go into the assumptions made here that are just untrue, because my intent is not to undermine the purpose of her piece, but no one here has ever turned a “blind eye” to these behaviors, not in this case, not in any case. With regard to sexual harassment, it is simply not tolerated. Dark Horse agrees 100% with the EEOC Guidelines.

Ms. Asselin turns her eye toward me. I have never met or talked with Ms. Asselin. If she knew me, she would learn that I am extremely sensitive on this subject, being the father of three daughters and having experienced first hand the effects of sexual harassment and gender discrimination. I have fought against that harassment, not just in a social environment, but also within our own publishing schedule. I have also fought for gender equality in our school system and championed social and racial diversity both in and out of Dark Horse, activities I am still involved with. Her assumption that my longevity somehow “embeds” within me an attitude of inappropriate permissiveness is not only wrong, it is insulting.

I agree that harassment of any kind, routine or not, is unacceptable. It always has been. We at Dark Horse will renew our efforts to make sure that our company is never again mentioned with regard to this type of occurrence. As quoted in the article, our goal has always been to provide a positive, safe, and respectful environment for its employees, creators, and fans.

– Mike Richardson

We support Dark Horse’s renewed efforts and their goal of providing a safe, and respectful environment for its employees, creators, and fans.


  • Interestingly, people in comments at the Outhousers are contradicting Richardson about what it’s like to work at DH, right now…

  • My mistake (too many tabs open) it was in the comments to the previous post. Outhousers comments were in denial that it happened; wonder if that will change with Allie’s admission?

  • Why is Mr. Richardson focused on Ms. Asselin’s “intentions” and not the individual who came out and reported on his employee’s conduct?

    Plus, he states everything in the past tense, seemingly as though this is an issue that has been dealt with but clearly, that’s utter BS. Or rather, dealt with in a way which does nothing to stop this behaviour in his company.

    Your open door is really a shut one, comprised of sharp shards of glass. It serves more as a warning, methinks.

    Stand up and be the first to make noise about setting up a policy that is safe capable of encouraging people to make a stand. Dark Horse has a wonderful opportunity to be a trail blazer here. As a consumer of your products, especially more and more lately, I need to see this. Please.