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Man Plus Leads The Charge Of Titan’s New Web-First Comics!

33530_MAN-PLUS-#1-HAv3Titan Comics has launched their all-new web-first comics program with dystopian thriller Man Plus by André Lima Araújo, with updates scheduled Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at!

Titan’s web-first program is aimed at building new audiences for print and digital by letting you read the greatest next-gen comics…TODAY!

With other amazing web-first projects soon to follow, Titan’s new initiative gives readers and retailers direct immersion in never-before-seen creator-owned worlds before they hit the comic racks.

Print editions of web-first comics will also be crammed full of can’t-miss bonus material – from character profiles, interviews and deep-dives into the worlds of each comics universe, to unseen art pages and more!

The first 12 pages of Man Plus #1 are live right now on the official Man Plus website!

Welcome to Olissipo City: a shimmering metropolis where technology rules with a heavy hand, cyborg strike teams are commonplace, and the lines between man and machine grow hazier every day.

From artist/writer André Lima Araújo comes a high-octane dystopian thriller that whisks the reader into the thick of a robotic skirmish and the unsettling conspiracy that lies at its heart…

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