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Igle and Faerber’s Venture Returns to Action Lab!

In 2003, superstar creators Jay Faerber and Jamal Igle launched a brand new superhero title at Image Comics. Called Venture, it was a new spin on the classic “metropolitan” hero. After twelve years, Venture is back…at Action Lab Entertainment!

Venture marked Igle’s return to comics after leaving for a bit to work in animation. With their files back, they’ve decided to rerelease the series with a new publisher and gauging interest in a brand new series. If you missed the series the first time, here’s your opportunity to check it out.

Should the series start up again, it would be a big one-two punch for Igle, who is bringing Molly Danger back, via Kickstarter, on a bi-monthly schedule in 2016.

This is part of Action Lab’s commitment to adding a line of connected superhero titles, and it’s possible that Venture will join the new endeavor.

Venture is currently available for pre-order via Diamond Previews. Issue One comes with three covers, all drawn by Jamal Igle (APR150965, APR150966, APR150967). Both variants are limited to 2000 copies each. Issue Two ships with one cover, drawn by Igle as well (JUN150868).