Kickstarter Spotlight: Martian Comics 52-Page Special

coverby Julian Darius

I always wanted to make comics. I wrote thousands of pages of comics, but never found an artist or the money to make it happen. Now, thanks to Kickstarter, I am.

Martian Comics takes old-school sci-fi concepts and tells new stories about them. Mars, the next planet over, has always been the place we imagine colonizing us, or colonizing ourselves. It’s our Other, our mirror.

We’ve published a couple of issues so far, but I’m out of credit, so we’ve turned to Kickstarter to get this special done.

It contains seven different stories by three different artists. It’s some weird, mind-bending stuff. We get to witness Mars make its own moon landing, ushering in its own space age while we’re still painting in caves. We see aspects of Martian culture and different kinds of visits to Earth. We witness St. Paul’s visit to Athens. It’s an anthology that spans all of human history.

Each of these stories means something special to me, and I hope you enjoy them.

Sergio Tarquini illustrates four of the stories. Mansjur Daman illustrates a single 17-page story. And Jason Muhr illustrates two shorts. All three are brilliant artists, with whom I’m blessed to be working.

We’ve got lots of fun rewards, including all the issues so far in digital and in trade paperback collection. Sequart Organization has also stepped in to augment our rewards with their books and documentary films on comics. They’ve been so generous that the value of these rewards is about twice their price.

You can check out the Kickstarter here. Thank you in advance!

from 02 One Small Step, page 2 from 06 Safari, page 4 from 20 Ezekiel, page 1 from 36 Another Small Step, page 3


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