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Kickstarter Spotlight: Copernicus Jones: Robot Detective Vol. 1

Copernicus Jones Robot DetectiveBy Matt D. Wilson

Years ago, I came up with a dumb joke. It’s the type of joke that you say once and then you forget about it forever, the kind of thing where you just match up a funny name to a funny occupation. It was “Copernicus Jones: Robot Detective.”

Thing is, I didn’t forget it immediately. It got stuck in my head. It just rolled and rolled around in there until I decided I was going to have to do something with it. It was an idea that simply had staying power. That something, I decided, should be a comic. So in 2012, Copernicus Jones: Robot Detective launched as a webcomic.

I intended it as a parody of classic noir. I deeply love the classics of the genre, but my first encounters with it in the 1980s were parodies or twists on it–things like the now-largely-forgotten Muppets project Dog City and, of course Who Framed Roger Rabbit? In some ways, it still is that, but it’s also a love letter.

Then, I teamed up with artist Kevin Warren and letterer/designer Dylan Todd to launch the MonkeyBrain Comics digital version of the series. We’re six issues into that, and #7 is on the way.

Copernicus Jones Robot Detective 1The first arc ended up becoming something far more than even I ever expected (which I attribute largely to the art and design). I can honestly say that I’m proud of it, which is something I’ve rarely said about most of the things I’ve done in my life. To put it simply, it starts out as your traditional woman-walks-into-a-detective’s-office pastiche, and then it gets way more complicated.

Now, we’re trying to make the jump to print. We’ve launched a Kickstarter to do it. With your help, that can hopefully happen.

We have the great honor having Greg Rucka, whose name you may know if you’ve read a few comics in the past decade-plus, writing the foreword for this print edition. That’s a vote of confidence I have to pinch myself to believe I actually got. If we hit our first stretch goal, we’ll also include backups and pinups by some fantastic artists including Kyle Starks, T.J. Kirsch, Paul Salvi, Joe Hunter and Jordan Witt. And there are digital art rewards from even more artists.

The work that Kevin has put into the book is nothing short of astonishing, and it really needs to be seen in print. As of right now, I have one copy of a test version of the print edition, and I have a hard time putting it down. It just looks so good. I’m surprised I had a hand in making the thing.

If you can help us out on Kickstarter to make the print edition a reality, we’ll deeply appreciate it. And hey, you’ll get an awesome-looking book, too. Maybe Copernicus will get stuck in your head, too.

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