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BOOM! Studios Reveals Exclusive Trading Cards & Print In Celebration of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #100

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #100 is the celebratory and shocking 100th issue from acclaimed writer Ryan Parrott, series artists Marco Renna and Moisés Hidalgo, as well as the return of all-star guest artists Dan Mora, Hendry Prasetya, Daniele di Nicuolo, Eleonora Carlini, Francesco Mortarino, and Miguel Mercado.

Each copy of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #100 will also contain 1 of 10 evenly intermixed collectible trading cards featuring your favorite Rangers and villains, as well as an exclusive art print by superstar artist Dan Mora!

The trading cards features art by highly acclaimed illustrator Kris Anka with design by Dylan Todd, and include cards for heroes Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Green Ranger, as well as villains Rita Repulsa, Ranger Slayer, Lord Zedd, and Lord Drakkon.

The exclusive print features art by fan favorite artist Dan Mora.

Print copies of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #100 will be available for sale on September 28, 2022.

Get an Early Look at Something is Killing the Children #11

BOOM! Studios has revealed a first look at Something is Killing the Children #11, the launch of a brand new story arc in the Eisner Award-nominated horror series from GLAAD Award-winning author James Tynion IV, artist Werther Dell’Edera, colorist Miquel Muerto, and letterer AndWorld Design, about the close-knit community of Archer’s Peak, rocked by a series of murders, and Erica Slaughter, a mysterious figure who rides into town claiming she can stop the brutal attacks turning their lives upside down.

Erica’s gambit to save Archer’s Peak has failed. Now, the town is under the full control of the Order of St. George. And if the spread of the monsters can’t be contained, then the Order might move to eradicate the entire area…

Something is Killing the Children #11 features main cover art by series artist Werther Dell’Edera and variant cover art by fan-favorite artist Jenny Frison, Bengal, and Martin Simmonds with design by Dylan Todd. It comes to shelves on October 21, 2020.

Something is Killing the Children #11

Red Omega Ranger vs Lord Zedd in First Look at Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #45

BOOM! Studios has revealed a new look at Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #45 by the all -star team of acclaimed writer Ryan Parrott and Shattered Grid artist Daniele di Nicuolo, the essential next chapter in the epic Power Rangers event, Necessary Evil, arriving in November 27, 2019.  

After saving their former teammates on Earth, the ALL NEW OMEGA RANGERS decide to take the fight to Lord Zedd! But as they battle evil forces on the moon, it’s Jason—now the Red Omega Ranger—who must face Lord Zedd alone! No matter who wins, nothing will ever be the same for any Power Ranger ever again. 

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #45 features a main cover by Jamal Campbell, as well as a special foil variant of the iconic Helmet Covers featuring the Black Ranger by fan favorite artist Goñi Montes, a collectible Trading Card variant cover by Kris Anka, an exclusive Story Variant cover written by Ryan Parrott and illustrated by Dan Mora, and more!  

Now fans can collect each of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in a new set of Trading Card Variant covers, illustrated by Kris Anka and designed by Dylan Todd. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #45 cover by Anka features the Black Ranger, Adam Park, with an image of the Black Ranger in action on the front, and all stats on the back cover, including team name, alias, biography, and Alpha-5’s assessment.

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #45 Story variant cover depicts the next essential chapter in an eleven-part series written by writer Ryan Parrott and illustrated by acclaimed artist Dan Mora, following the enigmatic, all-knowing Emissaries as they travel space and time, unearthing never-before-seen details of the immediate aftermath of the explosive events of Shattered Grid and changing the course of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic history forever.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #45

Review: Trust Fall #1

Trust Fall #1

Who doesn’t love heist movies? They usually have some “team getting together” montage which does character introduction and gives the audience a feel of what the story is about.

One of my favorite movies is The Italian Job, both the original and the remake. Both movies tell an elaborate story and have more than its share of cheeky moments.

These type of stories give their audiences an escapade in a world foreign to most. The type of gusto required to pull off some of these antics is more than the average civilian has.

Which is why when I saw the movie Jumper I was surprised they didn’t try to make it a heist movie. Hayden Christiansen’s character has the power to jump in and out of places miles and even countries apart. The opportunist would ask why didn’t he steal anything? In Christopher Sebela and Chris VisionsTrust Fall #1, we meet one crime family whose life work for thievery recently has led to some fatal consequences.

We meet Ash Parsons, the mastermind in a family whose main business is crime. We meet her in the middle of a job where she walks in nonchalantly and robs her victims right in front of them without blinking. She escapes the police and joins the family for dinner where we meet an unsavory collection of shady figures. These are the members of Ash’s family as she gathers them there to give them the good news. Her latest heist has them set for life.

Overall, Trust Fall #1 is a nice origin story to this character and the world she commands. The story by Sebela is relatable, funny, and action-packed. The art by the creative team is unique and stellar. Altogether, you’ll love this story if you like crime noir books and love it even more if you always root for the underdog.

Story: Christopher Sebela
Art: Chris Visions, Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, Claire Roe
and Dylan Todd
Story: 10 Art: 9.6 Overall: 9.5 Recommendation: Buy

Preview: Six Figure Crowdfunding: The No Bullsh*t Guide to Running a Life-Changing Campaign HC

Six Figure Crowdfunding: The No Bullsh*t Guide to Running a Life-Changing Campaign HC

Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer: Derek Miller with Noelle Pugh
Artist: Illustrations by Joy Ho
Cover Artist: Dylan Todd


In this bold, irreverent, hilarious how-to guide, bestselling Kickstarter campaign manager Derek Miller takes his millions of dollars of supercrowdfunding experience and delivers everything you need to know about being a modern entrepreneur in today’s global marketplace. In other words, this ain’t your parent’s business book.
Accompanied by laugh-out-loud illustrations by cartoonist Joy Ho, enjoy an exhaustive look into what it takes to manage and execute a successful six-figure crowdfunding campaign.

Hope Nicholson Talks Gothic Tales of Haunted Love

The summer might be almost half over, but Hope Nicholson and her imprint Bedside Press are just getting started on a Kickstarter for their new anthology Gothic Tales of Haunted Love, stories that will chill the blood even on the warmest night.  

Image Credits: “Gothic Tales of Haunted Love”

cover art by Leslie Doyle, logo by Dylan Todd

(click on link to see anthology credits and details)

Or in Nicholson’s words herself:  “If you like horror, you’ll like this book. If you like suspense you’ll like this book. But if you need happy endings, well….you might NOT like this book!”

Blog544_Dark+Mansion+Forbidden+Love+Cover_1 1970s gothic romance

Image: Cover of a 1970s gothic romance comic; typical of the comics that inspired the anthology (not part of Gothic Tales of Haunted Love anthology)

The campaign itself started July 15 and ends on September 15.  After that point, the creators involved in the anthology have two months to finalize their stories before the anthology goes to print with January 2018 as the targeted delivery date.

Gothic Tales of Haunted Love, like Nicholson herself, has many inspirations.  It all started when she “was doing research for The Spectacular Sisterhood of Superwomen [published by Quirk Books].”  She discovered the 1970s comic genre of gothic romance, and had one reaction: “They were thrilling! After spending days reading romance comics, which were entertaining but usually pretty formulaic, it was so great to read stories just as emotional but with a lot more unpredictability.”

Hope elaborates on her love for the genre, saying it’s “interesting because though it still had many stories of pale beauties on the moors and dastardly lords, it was also very campy and supernatural. Lots of demons, witchery and ghosts!”

Despite her interest in this genre, though, she did admit that it had one drawback: “[These stories] were still mostly focused on North American creators, white girls, and straight romances.”

For anyone familiar with Bedside Press and Hope Nicholson, it’s no surprise that this lack of diversity troubled her–in her own words, that lack of diversity is “boring for an anthology”–and it’s something she’s looking to fix with Gothic Tales of Haunted Love.


Image Credits: from “Minefield” by Hien Pham (told entirely in Vietnamese)

Specifically, to create an anthology that reflects true diversity and brings this genre into the 21st Century, they “did a half-curated, half-open call for new content and the stories…in this project have a focus on global gothic romance.”

And this is reflected in the stories themselves; one story has “two young men falling in love in Vietnam”, another has “pain and loss in Jamaica,” a third has “fashion intrigue in Taiwan, and [overall there are] lots of beautiful ghosts of all genders falling in love with mortals.”

The anthology itself is the reward Nicholson hopes most people enjoy.  

However, there are some other killer rewards: “Something really fun [Bedside Press] did was reach out to the estates of classic 1970s gothic romance cover artists and license artwork for special print reprints. So while [there is] a lot of new content, [Bedside Press] still [offers a] nod to the aesthetics of the old.”  Finally, as part of the rewards they “also have brand new prints from our creators as well!”

Next week, we’ll continue Nicholson’s interview, focusing on her journey as a self-publisher and Kickstarter Thought Leader.  But until then, make sure you check out the Kickstarter for Gothic Tales of Love!


*Note* All quoted language in this article was from Hope Nicholson.


Image Credits: from “Crush” by Janet Hetherington, Ronn Sutton, Becka Kinzie, and Zakk Saam



Image Credits: from “Fazenda do Sangue Azul” by Dante L. & H. Pueyo

Review: Violent Love #2

violentlove02_coveraRight from the opening pages of the first issue of Violent Love, it’s made quite apparent that this tale of eventual bank robbers and lovers Daisy Jane and Rock Bradley is greatly influenced by stories and films in the same genre; Dylan Todd’s striking designs connect with the cinematic aesthetic by having the creative team page look like it came right from the bottom of a movie poster. Though the influences aren’t even hidden all that well (Daisy seeing Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid), Frank J. Barbiere and Victor Santos are definitely crafting something different and unique both in its method of storytelling and flow of visuals.

This second issue throttles forward into 1971 in New Mexico where Daisy has joined forces with a man named Charlie to rob banks. There is a great point of view splash page from the bank teller’s perspective, confronting the reader with Daisy’s green eyes, just slightly peeking out from her sunglasses, and a double-barreled shotgun held next to an open sack in her other hand. The images are paced out fast, flowing the narrative forward and knowing when to slow down and focus on the smaller, quieter moments. Santos does an excellent job at drawing attention to particular aspects within the frames, consistently utilizing the spaces effectively. violentlove2-2He also uses color, or the lack thereof, to emphasize the importance of certain objects or actions. For example, when Daisy sits in the hotel room where she and Charlie just engaged in a hot and heavy game of extracurricular activities, her entire body is black as the eye is drawn to the muddled orange/red hat in her hands. The previous frame reminds the reader of its importance to her, also using the color red to deviate from the use of green to shift in time. This in effect not only deepens the impact of these kinds of moments and objects but also elevates and accentuates Santos’s ability as a visual storyteller.

Daisy has clearly changed from the first issue, becoming more and more reckless as the rage of her father’s death drives her to find the man who committed the murder: Johnny Nails. Barbiere’s script is fast and quick-witted, gets straight to the point and doesn’t make the language too flowery; this is a crime/romance story after all. Rock is also introduced in this issue, doing his best James Dean impression, exuberating calm, cool and collected…at least for now. Daisy and Rock’s first meeting is filled with slight jabs at one another but the primary focus still remains on Daisy’s mission to find Johnny. This mission is leading Daisy into some fairly precarious places and people, setting up the next issue with a very interesting situation for her.

Story: Frank J. Barbiere Art: Victor Santos Designs: Dylan Todd
Story: 8.5 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

Image provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Free Edison Rex! Edison Rex Goes Free Webcomic

edison_rex_18-1Chris Roberson and his collaborator Dennis Culver have announced their comic Edison Rex will now be available to new readers as a free webcomic while a Patreon funds the creation of the character’s further adventures.

Edison Rex, the story of the world’s greatest villain who appoints himself defender of Earth after defeating the world’s greatest hero, was launched as a digital-first series through Monkeybrain Comics on comiXology in July 2012, assisted by Stephen Downer on colors, John J. Hill on letters, and Dylan Todd on design. It garnered praise from critics and readers from the start. It’s a wonderful comic you should be checking out, especially now.

Now, four years after the series debuted, it is being relaunched as a free webcomic hosted by Hiveworks. The full series to date will be serialized on the site, with updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and then will be continuing with all new material. In addition, the creators will be offering exclusive Patron-Only content, including early access to upcoming issues, behind the scenes looks at works in progress, annotations, commentary, and a shirt-of-the-month from the team’s Threadless Artist Shop.

Edison Rex #18 is now on sale through comiXology for just 99 cents.

This is the latest example of comic creators bucking the current sales and distribution model and exploring new avenues of publication.

Preview: Blood Feud TPB


(W) Cullen Bunn (@cullenbunn)
(A) Drew Moss (@drew_moss)
(C) Nick Filardi (@nickfil)
(CA) Dylan Todd (@bigredrobot)
Age Range: 13 and up
Genre: Horror, Adventure
Price: $19.99
144 Pages

I’ve got a story to tell—a story about how me and a couple of poker buddies squared off against the very legions of Hell… and maybe even saved the world. Like all good yarns, this one has its share of action, adventure, mystery, and romance. As for how it ends, though, you’ll have to judge for yourself. Me, I’ve always been partial to happy endings—the singing cowboy riding off into the sunset—but I reckon that just ain’t the way of the world. This story’s got vampires, too, loads of them, but not in the beginning. It began, for us at least, with spiders.

Collecting 2015’s most terrifying southern horror series from writer Cullen Bunn, artist Drew Moss, and colorist Nick Filardi!


Review: Heart of Weirdness

heart of weirdnessStrap in readers for one heck of a ride! Heart of Weirdness is a romping genius of a comic, which unites color and art with good minimalist writing, allowing the reader to become absorbed in the artwork and really feel the story. The use of color throughout is strikingly impressive and immersive.

The issue centers around a mad military scientist who has turned on his colleagues (an alien species) and is fully armed, dangerous and a bit of a psychopath! A soldier is selected to travel to the same alternative universe and “neutralize” the threat. Chosen for his previously demonstrated mental strength, this soldier is deemed the least likely to suffer mentally as a result of the mission. This is a central consideration as nobody actually knows how far the soldier’s sanity will be stretched when traveling to an alternative universe, or in deed, locating and dealing with the target.

The soldier is given a nifty device which really does come in handy in multiple sticky situations. I absolutely love the way that this device is drawn and the label descriptors that allow the reader to understand how the device works, and the purposes it might be helpful for. It’s a really good touch to bring the reader into the story.

The writing, by Seth Andrew Jacob, in this issue is minimal, used only where needed, and there are several pages with absolutely no writing. This is something I particularly liked about this comic as all of the writing is good, with no elaborate and unnecessary embellishments.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this issue.  It is bright, colorful, weird and most importantly: something different. If you are looking for something fresh then this is definitely the comic for you.

Story: Seth Andrew Jacob Art: Alchemichael Colours: Pete Toms Letters: Colin Bell Design: Dylan Todd
Story: 8 Art: 10 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy

Seth Andrew Jacob provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for rview

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