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Review: Justice League #41

jl41After a lead-in issue, the Darkseid War starts here, and for those that had been let down after looking for something more monumental in Convergence, there might be some salvation here.  The title is one that was least affected by Convergence, getting a one-month break as opposed to the two for most other titles.  The previous title introduced the fact that Darkseid and the anti-Monitor are a lot more closely related than previously indicated, and this issue builds on that and more as the steps to an all-out war come closer, a war that has been brewing since the first story arc of this new 52 title.

The action doesn’t start with the Justice League, even though it soon comes back to them.  Instead the story focuses on who is apparently going to be a defining character in this story arc, Mister Miracle.  As he weaves his way out of and then back into Apokolips, he gives insight into what is happening and what he hopes to accomplish.  Although the Terminator like sub-plot with Lashina and Kanto seems to be its own thing, it ties back into the Mister Miracle side of the story as well, with an equally great last minute reveal as happened in the lead-in issue.  This story also ties heavily into the one focused on the Crime Syndicate from Forever Evil, and builds well on this former crossover, tying the two together.

There are definitely a lot of players associated here, and while the issue does well enough to follow up on the developments of the previous issue, there is a bit of a dropoff in tone.  Part of this is the ease by which Darkseid’s daughter manages to lay waste to the Justice League, a common enough ploy to establish a new villain as particularly threatening, even if her demise is assured by the end of this story arc.  As it stands though this issue is saved by the role of Mister Miracle, as opposed to the relatively regular story of an alien invasion which the Justice League has to deal with, Mr. Miracle gives this story a heart that manages to keep it moving along through its disparate story elements.  There are certainly bigger fireworks to follow, but for the time being this issue manages to put all the players in place while also giving the reader someone new to cheer for.

Story: Geoff Johns Art: Jason Fabok
Story: 8.7 Art: 8.7 Overall: 8.7 Recommendation: Buy

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