Dead Hand – The X-O Manowar Epic of 2015 Begins in March!

In 2015 Valiant launches Dead Hand – a devastating cosmic showdown beginning this March in X-O Manowar #34 from writer Robert Venditti and superstar-in-the-making Diego Bernard!

Born into battle, Aric of Dacia, the fifth century Visigoth now called X-O Manowar, has never known peace. Abducted and enslaved by the savage alien empire known as The Vine, Aric finally escaped his captors after stealing their ultra-powerful X-O Manowar armor and returned to Earth…only to find that more than a thousand years had passed in his absence. Stranded in the modern day, the most primitive man on Earth now wields the most powerful weapon in existence as X-O Manowar – one of the Earth’s most formidable new heroes and a member of the international superteam codenamed Unity. Together, X-O Manowar and Unity have wrenched the world back from the chaos wrought by the invasion of the unearthly Armor Hunters…but, in 2015, the fate of all life – human and alien alike – will be thrown into dire peril…

In the far reaches of deep space, the ultimate fail-safe of an extinct alien race has finally counted down to zero…and the robot army called Dead Hand has been activated. The civilization that built them has fallen…and, now, to combat the doomsday threat that destroyed their world, Dead Hand will complete the mission that their creators could not. Soulless and brutal, this billion-strong legion is the phantom army of a dead world…and it will cleanse the universe by any means necessary. But what unthinkable menace were they created to destroy? And will Dead Hand’s slow march across the galaxy spell death for countless worlds?

Soon, Aric of Dacia will be forced to confront the secrets that have pushed him to the terrible turning point that is Dead Hand…and battle a single-minded killing machine unlike any he has seen before! Outmatched and vastly outnumbered, how can Aric stop something unstoppable…something that knows no fear, only eradication?

This March, in the blistering fallout of Enter: Armorines, the battle-hardened hero at the center of the Valiant Universe will take to the stars…and face the terrible onslaught of a coming robot war unlike anything in the history of human civilization!

Featuring specially manufactured Dead Hand Overlay Wrap Covers by Valiant superstar Lewis Larosa on each issue, alongside wraparound alternate covers by rising star Jorge Molina.

Cover A (Overlay Wrap) by LEWIS LAROSA
Cover B (Wraparound) by JORGE MOLINA
Variant Cover by DAS PASTORAS
Dead Hand Design Variant by JORGE MOLINA
Artist Variant by BUTCH GUICE
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On sale MARCH 4 (FOC – 2/9/15)


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