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Marvel Reveals the Death of Wolverine #1 ‘Mortal Variant’!

It’s the storyline that has the whole comic industry buzzing, and Marvel has unveiled the ‘Mortal Variant’ to Death of Wolverine #1! Gorgeously rendered by superstar artist Ed McGuinness, the cover captures Logan as he reaches the end of his long life. This jaw-dropping cover can be ordered through the previously announced Exchangeability program.

Written by chart-topping writer Charles Soule and blockbuster artist Steve McNiven, this landmark limited series chronicles the iconic mutant’s grisly final days as he battles through a gauntlet of his greatest foes. Left without the help of his mutant healing factor, the once indestructible killing machine known as the Wolverine has found himself mortal for the first time in a long time.

What does a world without Wolverine look like? Find out this September!

Art & Cover by STEVE MCNIVEN
Mortal Variant by ED MCGUINNESS
FOC – 08/11/2014, On-Sale – 09/03/2014


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