An EPIC SCAM? Nope…It’s Two Free Comic Book Day TITLES from ComixTRIBE!

This Free Comic Book Day, publisher ComixTribe will be releasing two books. The event is held this upcoming Saturday, May 3, 2014.

This year, ComixTribe is bringing you SCAM #0: Crosswords, a stand-alone story that spins directly out of the events of Joe Mulvey’s recently concluded SCAM mini-series. The issue is written by Eisner-nominated scribe Jason Ciaramella, and also features a back-up story from John Lees and Alex Cormack.

In addition to the hard-hitting SCAM release, ComixTribe is also offering the 32-page pilot issue of EPIC, a new superteen action comedy from Tyler James, with art by Matt Zolman and Fico Ossio.

SCAM: Crosswords #0 FCBD 2014 EDITION

(W) Jason Ciaramella (A/CA) Joe Mulvey

Spinning out of the pages of the super-powered con-man series, Scam, Eisner-nominated writer Jason Ciaramella (The Cape) and “the most dangerous man in comics” Joe Mulvey bring you an explosive one-shot featuring Scam’s ultimate villain: Crosswords! After being exiled from “Sin City”, Crosswords makes a power grab in Europe, using extreme means to take what he wants! 32pgs, FC  Rated: TEEN+           FREE!

SCAM #0 Crosswords


(W) Tyler James (A) Matt Zolman, FicoOssio (CA) FicoOssio

After a freak experiment gives teenager Eric Ardor incredible powers, he does what anyone would do… he puts on a costume and becomes Epic! Super strength, speed, flight, optic blasts… it’s a fanboy’s dream come true. Unfortunately, he’s just discovered he has one weakness… pretty girls! And while most boys his age lose their cool around the hotties, Epic loses his powers! 32pgs, FC  Rated: EVERYONE           FREE!