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Warning Spoilers Ahead

the walking dead season 4The Walking Dead opens up with Glenn, Abraham and the rest chatting as they make their way towards somewhere. It’s a bunch of small moments that allow us to get to know each of them a bit more. There’s questions as to what’s Tara’s thoughts and feelings towards Glenn too (though it’s clear it’s not that type of “like”). They then come across a sign we’ve seen before, the one Maggie wrote, for Glenn to head to Terminus. It’s a moment of joy in a bleak world.

The episode quickly shifts to Daryl and the new group he’s with. But also a quick flip to Michonne, Rick and Carl and their journey. There’s issues over with Daryl and his new “friends” particularly a person named Len. But, there’s rules to this group, that at least they seem to stick by. It’s tough to tell, are they bad, or neutral in it all?

Back to Glenn and his group. They’re gaining on Maggie, but that leads them to dark tunnel full of who knows what. Abraham has a mission though, to get Eugene to DC, and that causes them to have to part ways. Abraham leaves Glenn and Tara with supplies, showing off how good his group is. Glenn and Tara for some reason head into the tunnel, filling them and us with tension as they make their way through the darkness. You can hear the walkers, but with so little light, we, and Glenn don’t know exactly how many. Of course Glenn’s plan to get past the walkers can’t go perfectly. There’s a great moment though after some solid tension. I found myself yelling “get some” as bullets flew.

From that happy moment, we then flip back to Daryl who is getting used to, and figuring out this new group. They’re brutal, but they have rules, and seem to protect each other.

Back to Glenn and his expanded group, they reach Terminus, our first eyes on what exactly it is. It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for, Terminus has arrived.

Writer Credits: Frank Darabont, Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, Charlie Adlard
Overall Score: 8.25

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