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Around the Tubes

It was a beautiful weekend here at GP HQ here in DC. Hopefully everyone else enjoyed it. News was pretty light Sunday, but check out below for some news you might have missed.

Around the Tubes

Guardian Liberty Voice – ‘The Walking Dead’ Book Series Receives Four New Novels – Have folks read any of these? Thoughts?

Graphic Policy’s Top Comic Picks this Week!

Lumberjanes_001_coverAEach week, comic fans are faced with dozens upon dozens of new releases. That type of choice can be overwhelming. We go through the new releases each week to help you out and decide which comics are your best bets! Check out below for this week’s picks.

Pick of the Week: Lumberjanes #1 (BOOM! Box/BOOM! Studios) – Five best friends spending the summer at Lumberjane scout camp…defeating yetis, three-eyed wolves, and giant falcons…what’s not to love?!

All-New Ultimates #1 (Marvel) – Marvel takes the next steps in their Ultimate Universe after the destruction that was Galactus.

Batman: Eternal #1 (DC Comics) – DC has Batman going weekly, in a series that promises to spotlight more than just Batman, but the many other individuals that make up his corner of the DC universe.

Flash Gordon #1 (Dynamite) – Flash is back! He saved every one of us you know. Pulp action at its finest.

Iron Fist: Living Weapon #1 (Marvel) – The vastly underused character is back in a solo series. We’re hoping its as good as his previous run.

Lola XOXO #1 (Aspen) – A brand new series from Aspen sees a young girl cross a nuclear war affected United States in search of her family.

Manifest Destiny #6 (Image Comics) – The alternate world version of Lewis and Clark’s journey.

Nightcrawler #1 (Marvel) – Chris Claremont takes on the return of Marvel’s classic, and loved, X-Men character.

Shutter #1 (Image Comics) – A new series from Image that focuses on a girl who is the world’s greatest explorer. A solid first issue that had me interested in coming back for more.

The Walking Dead #125 (Skybound/Image Comics) – Kirkman rushes the series to the conclusion of “All Out War” and I seriously have no idea as to who lives and who dies.

Fashion Spotlight: Rebel Fox and The Trooping Dead are two Star Wars Mash-ups

Ript Apparel has two designs that mix Star Wars with Star Fox and The Walking Dead. Rebel Fox and The Trooping Dead from DJKopet and Harantula will be for sale on April 8, 2014 only!

Rebel Fox by DJKopet

Rebel Fox

The Trooping Dead by Harantula

The Trooping Dead

The Walking Dead Comics Introduce Daryl Dixon

Image has been teasing it, but Daryl Dixon, the popular character from The Walking Dead television show, enters the comic world starting with issue 129.


Or April Fools!

The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale, 2nd Highest in Series History

THE-WALKING-DEAD-Season-4-Finale-Poster-RickThe Walking Dead went out on a high note for the finale of its fourth season. The excellent episode delivered 15.7 million viewers of which were 10.2 million adults age 18-49. That’s a record breaking night for AMC which also saw a record for The Talking Dead which saw 7.3 million viewers and 4.7 million adults age 18-49. If that wasn’t enough, Comic Book Men had 1.1 million viewers of which 715,000 were adults age 18-49.

The fourth season of The Walking Dead was a record setting one. The series saw an average of 13.3 million live/same day viewers per episode. Of that 8.6 million were adults age 18-49. That’s an increase of +24%/+22% over season three.

From an AMC release, here’s some statistical highlights.

Key Nielsen Highlights for the season four finale of The Walking Dead

  • 9 pm airing – 8.0 national HH rating with 15.7 million viewers
  • 9 pm airing – 8.0 national rating with 10.2 million Adults 18-49
  • 9 pm airing – 7.8 national rating with 9.3 million Adults 25-54

Key Nielsen Highlights for the season three finale of Talking Dead

  • 10 pm airing – 3.8 national HH rating with 7.3 million viewers
  • 10 pm airing – 3.7 national rating with 4.7 million Adults 18-49
  • 10 pm airing – 3.7 national rating with 4.4 million Adults 25-54

Key Nielsen Highlights for the season three finale of Comic Book Men

  • 12 am airing – 0.8 national HH rating with 1.1 million viewers
  • 12 am airing – 0.6 national rating with 715,000 Adults 18-49
  • 12 am airing – 0.6 national rating with 666,000 Adults 25.54

The Walking Dead was a monster online as well. The show was the #1 non-sports related program on the night on Twitter with 1.01 million Tweets from 356,770 unique people. All that added up to 63.11 million Twitter impressions. There were also numerous hashtags related to the show that were trending.

On Facebook 3.1 million people had 5.8 million interactions about The Walking Dead.


TV Review: The Walking Dead S.4 Ep.16 – A

Warning Spoilers Ahead

the walking dead season 4In the season finale of The Walking Dead Rick and the others begin to reunite at Terminus, soon realizing that the marauders are closing in, and that the so-called sanctuary is not exactly what it seems to be.

The episode opens up in the past, with everyone back at the prison, it’s simpler times, a time of happiness. Quickly flash to Rick, alone, covered in blood, sitting on a road by himself, and shaking. We know to expect a tense episode, and we’re not even at the credits yet.

Post credits, we see Rick, Carl and Michonne, still in the woods and surviving, making their way to Terminus. After a quiet moment of teaching, the three are interrupted by the screams of an individual surrounded by walkers. Their quiet moment has gone bad as the three are now on the run, having to change their plans and now figure out where to go to survive the walkers. It leads them to a car, and things are calm again. But that’s not for long… Rick and crew are surrounded by the crew Daryl has joined. And the crew has issues with Rick, they know he killed a member of their crew. But, I don’t remember them ever seeing Rick and I have no idea how they know who did it. But, that’s a plot hole I guess I’ll need to go back and figure out myself.

Out of all of the moments this season, this battle, between Rick and the “bikers” is the scariest of them all. I had no idea how they’d all get out of it and what’s needed to be done to survive, what is done, is brutal, visceral, and frightening. This is Rick unchained, all his pent-up anger is loosened.

But, throughout the episode, we’re shown flashbacks. The flashbacks are mostly between Rick and Herschel. We’ve never seen how Rick became a farmer, a shepherd, and here’s that back story. The episode is clearly about Rick’s finding peace, then losing it due to man, not the walkers. It’s also about what world Rick is giving Carl. As Hershel says, Rick’s war is over, but from the fight we just saw, it’s clearly not. Rick won’t know peace in this world. But, they’re back with Daryl! So… yay?

Rick and Daryl discuss Daryl’s journey and what happened and it’s clear these four are family now. Rick explains his anger that unleashes is a reason they’re alive. We’ve just seen it, and saw it with Rick and Tyreese. Rick is a killer for survival, not because it’s part of some rule set, and he’ll do what he needs to so he and Carl survives. What’s also interesting is Michonne with Carl. It’s clear there’s a motherly/sisterly thing going on with Michonne watching over Carl. It’s a great relationship and is another example of the growth of these characters over this season and the series. It all leads to Michonne opening up to Carl about how she lost her child and boyfriend, an emotional moment for her as she explains her “pet” zombies and how she deserved to drag them around as a reminder. To her it made her a monster and gone. She’s found now, with a new family. But, the dynamic between the three, Rick, Michonne, and Carl is a weird one, but shows how things have changed in personal relationships, along with the new threats.

But, the four have gotten to Terminus and are smart by sneaking in. There they meet the members of this crew and are welcomed. Something isn’t right. Much like Rick and crew, we’re suspicious as viewers, wondering what the spin of it all is. Should we trust them? That answer is quickly provided.

Things quickly dissolve, and Rick and crew are under fire again, up against unknown forces who want something…. we don’t know what, we don’t know why. It’s tense, very tense, and I felt my stomach tighten as the action progressed. I expected the worst. But, through it all, there’s some good moments, as Rick and his team is reunited with Glenn and his. It’s a joining of forces we’ve been waiting for.

After all of that, we’re back in the past. Happier moments. Rick, Carl, Herschel, joined by Beth working on the farm. Cut though to the present, and Rick is about to lead another revolution, and take on Terminus. A hell of an ending as it looks like season five is starting off with war.

Next season can’t come soon enough…. I left the episode shaking, jaw dropped, and counting down the days.

Writer Credits: Frank Darabont, Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, Charlie Adlard
Overall Score: 8.75

The Walking Dead Sale Through ComiXology

To celebrate the The Walking Dead Season 4 finale get a greater taste of the worldwide phenomena by reading how it all began in this weekend long The Walking Dead sale on comiXology, the leading digital comics platform.

Watched the show, but never read the comic? Here’s your chance with the first 121 issues of The Walking Dead comic on sale for 99 cents each, as well as collected editions Volume 1 through Volume 19 on sale starting at $4.99!

But the biggest deal ever on The Walking Dead is comiXology’s “web-only” 100-issue bundle for only $74.99! That’s seventy-five cents apiece! The bundle and sale are available only from Friday, March 28th until midnight EST Monday March 31st.

the walking dead sale


A Sneak Peek of The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale

Don’t miss the next episode of The Walking Dead, Sun., Mar. 30 at 9/8c.

Review: The Walking Dead #124

TWDcover124“Once we’re inside–if it moves, kill it! It’s time for this war to END!
- Negan

I don’t know about any of you, but my hand was trembling with each page turn reading The Walking Dead #124. I started reading The Walking Dead about four years ago and consumed about seven years of comic greatness in one weekend. Since, Rick and Carl have been the subject of many late night rantings with my friends, family and coworkers. I know it might sound ridiculous to some, but I actually worry about these characters each month (or every 2 weeks as of late). When Rick lost his hand, I put the book down because I couldn’t believe it, foolishly thinking that his hand would reattach itself after I opened the book again. When Carl lost an eye I had similar thoughts; not Carl, please don’t kill off Carl is what I would think, hoping it would come true if I only willed it. Luckily, for all of us, Carl was ok and actually came out of that disastrous situation a stronger man. Now, with All Out War, we are equally worried about the first family of the zombie apocalypse but the prognosis is murky. Negan is on their doorstep…and he’s not leaving until he gets in.

The Walking Dead #124 continues the All Out War story arc and the continued struggle of Rick and the gang’s search for peace and conformity in the zombie ravaged world. Eugene gets a few extra pages this issue and an awesome splash page from Charlie Adlard. I have a feeling his story is going to collide with the main feature for a dramatic ending in #126. If you remember from a few issues back, Eugene and some other survivors escaped with the help of Carson and other Saviors that were willing to abandon Negan and his tyrannical ways. Eugene asserts his leadership role over Carson and even kills his first human in this issue. Way to go Eugene! I’m liking his character with each subsequent issue and now that he is on the TV show it’s nice to see him get some storylines. I’m excited to see where his story ends up in the next few issues.

Meanwhile, back at the Hilltop, we continue right where we left off with Rick being shot through the abdomen by Dwight’s arrow. Rick knows it was Dwight that did it and say as much. However, he says it in front of Nicholas, who knows nothing of what Rick, Dwight and some others had planned. That was one thing that bothered me about the storyline leading up to All Out War; Rick decided to keep so many people out of the loop that I think It cost some folks their lives. Rick can barely walk so he is helped into the house where most of the hilltop has retreated to. Jesus comes to his rescue when more of Negan’s men come to finish the job and I honestly was worried turning each page wondering if I was going to see Rick with a knife sticking through his throat. They make it into the infirmary and Dr. Carson makes a startling discovery about the wounded after seeing a dirt and gunk covered knife that Jesus brought him. They realize they have not been bitten, but have fevers and symptoms consistent with that of someone who was. They now understand that Negan and his men have been tainting their weapons with walker pus and discharge so even the smallest of cuts would have devastating and deadly results. That’s why we fear for Rick’s life because we think the arrow that hit him will cause him to turn. He can’t!…can he? For now, Rick is fine and if Dwight’s arrow hasn’t been tainted (that’s what I think) theory then he will be fine.

I don’t remember the last time a comic had me so concerned about the outcome. Robert Kirkman has really done a masterful job with The Walking Dead and the All Out War arc. He has been teasing that issue #126 is going to be completely unexpected and awesome and it’s something we would never guess. I have no idea what it could be. I’m almost certain that the arrow that struck Rick was not tainted and if that’s the case then he will heal from it. The only other theory I can come up with is that he will get a fever and turning into a walker will be all but certain until someone, maybe Eugene, comes up with a cure. I could spend all day coming up with strange and odd theories to what I think will be the outcome but that will get us nowhere. What is certain, however, is that Kirkman will deliver an outstanding story once again and Adlard will wow us with art that is out of this world. I suppose only time will tell, one more month to be exact.

Story: Robert Kirkman Art: Charlie Adlard Cover: Charlie Adlard/Dave Stewart
Story: 9 Art: 9.5 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy

Around the Tubes

It was new comic book day yesterday! What’d everyone get at their store? If you haven’t gone, what are you planning on getting?

Around the Tubes

ICv2 – Soda Pop Minis and CoolMiniOrNot End Publishing Deal – Interesting….

CBR – “Amazing Spider-Man 2″ Sets Up Sinister Six, Says Sony Exec – Not sure what I think about the SPOILER

Bleeding Cool – DC Comics To Survey Its Freelancers About Their Concerns – Hopefully it goes better than their other surveys.

CBR – “Sons of Anarchy” EP Joins “Walking Dead” Spinoff – Hmmm.

ICv2 – Over 1300 at GAMA Trade Show – Very cool.

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