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TV Review: The Walking Dead S6E7 Heads Up

walking-dead-5 photoAlexandria is finally able to begin pulling itself back together; peace is embraced between the two groups.

The Walking Dead answers a major question right away in tonight’s episode, what happened to Glenn? It should really be no surprise for folks following spoilers online, so I’ll outright say, he’s fine, and while how he does is a bit grumbling in the realism, it’s plausible. Even knowing Glenn would be sticking around, I have to say, I was still overwhelmingly happy to see him being ok. I think that says something as to the power of the show and how much we’ve come to love and connect with these characters.

The episode also moves along some other interesting plot points.

There’s Morgan letting folks live, and whether his philosophy is realistic in this new world. There’s the hoard of walkers at the walls, and there’s teaching folks to defend themselves which is just in time.

But, what I find really interesting about this episode is Rick’s actions toward Father Gabriel, and some symbolism at the end of the episode, almost as if saying religion is going to be everyone’s undoing. It’s interesting moments, and subtle and not so subtle, that can get folks debating for a while as to the significance.

There’s one episode left before the winter break, and the series is amping things up based on that final moments. While I’m bummed to see a break, I’m really amped to see what next week’s episode brings.

Overall rating: 8.4

The Walking Dead Episode 607 Heads Up Sneak Peek

Don’t miss the next episode of The Walking Dead, Sun., Nov. 22 at 9/8c on AMC.

Around the Tubes

It’s new comic day tomorrow! What’s everyone excited for? While you figure that out, here’s some comic book news and reviews from around the web in our morning roundup.

Around the Tubes

CBLDF – World Cartoonists Respond to Paris Attacks – We stand united.

Variety – ABC Sets Midseason Premiere Dates for Shonda Rhimes’ ‘The Catch,’ ‘Agent Carter,’ More – Set your DVR.

Tabletop Game News – AltspaceVR Now Lets you Play Virtual Reality Dungeons & Dragons – Get ready for some virtual dungeon crawls.


Around the Tubes Reviews

CBR – All-New Wolverine #1

CBR – The Autumnlands #7

Talking Comics – Justice League: Darkseid War: Shazam #1

Newsarama – The Mighty Thor #1

ICv2 – School-Live Vol. 1

Newsarama – Spider-Woman #1

CBR – The Walking Dead #148

TV Review: The Walking Dead S6E6 Always Accountable

walking-dead-5 photoAfter being attacked by a new group and separated, Sasha and Abraham must search for an injured Daryl who may be in trouble.

The Walking Dead takes us through two journeys during the Wolve’s attack on Alexandria, Daryl and Abraham & Sasha. The episode is a fascinating one in that it really focuses on these three characters.

First, it kicks off with lots of action and someone shooting at them. Is it the Wolves? Is it someone other group?

Daryl’s journey has him come across three individuals who are on the run from a group… we assume it’s the Wolves, but they never quite say. Instead we see burned out remnants of the area and what’s clearly reprisal. The three survivors think Daryl is part of the group that’s pursuing them. The way Daryl interacts with them, and how he deals with them is fascinating shedding lots of light onto his character. The end with the survivors is particularly of note as it sees Daryl taking on his new role, and learning as he goes.

Then there’s Abraham and Sasha who wind up in a small town where they decide to wait for Daryl. There, small conversations just shed a lot of light on where the two are in their lives…. and their relationship is explored.

This is another episode which shows that this series isn’t about the dead shambling about, it’s about the people. And in this hour, we’ve learned so much more about those that inhabit this new world.

Overall rating: 8.75

Mini Reviews For The Week Ending 11/15/15

Sometimes, the staff at Graphic Policy read more comics than we’re able to get reviewed. When that happens you’ll see a weekly feature compiling short reviews from the staff of the comics, or graphic novels, we just didn’t get a chance to write a full review for. These are Graphic Policy’s Mini Reviews.



All-New Wolverine #1* – Was a pleasant surprise for me. I wasn’t that interested in X23 as a character before, so this comic was never that high on my radar (unlike the Old Man Logan series that’s due to hit in a couple months). Elana convinced me to pick this up, and I’m glad she did. This first issue is one of the best of the All New All Different offerings from Marvel that I’ve read in the last month or two, and it’s a damn good Wolverine story, too that has just the right combination of action and inner conflict. Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy.

Batman #46* – If you’ve been reading this series, there’s no reason for you not to pick this up. Not my favourite issue by this creative team, but still better than most other Batman books out there. Overall: 8 Recommendation: Read

Heroes: Vengence #2 – I really wanted to like this series as much as I did the Heroes Reborn TV show. Not quite there yet, but it’s getting closer. It may be worth waiting for the trade, but there’s some interesting back ground here for fans of the show. Overall: 7 Recommendation: Read



Abe Sapien #28 – Abe is still figuring out his role in the world as he continues his cross country trip. The series has been interesting in that its provided a way for us to see more of the country and the hellish landscape. Each series arc is much stronger than the individual issues, and this one begins a new one that could be interesting. Overall Rating: 7.25 Recommendation: Read

All-New Wolverine #1 *- A ho-hum start that glosses over X-23’s abusive and killer past. She should not be this chill. Plus the ending reminded me WAY too much of Orphan Black. Overall Rating: 7 Recommendation: Read

Birthright #11 – Sword and sorcery fun in the “real” world. Joshua Williamson has been putting together an entertaining series backed up with solid art. Plus a solid twist in this issue where we learn more about the Nevermind. Overall Rating: 8.23 Recommendation: Read

Letter 44 #21 – Ryan Kelly steps in on art in this special issue that looks at how the Clarke astronauts were recruited. It’s an amazing comic that intelligently adds so much depth to each character. Overall Rating: 9 Recommendation: Buy

Oxymoron: The Loveliest Nightmare #3 – Oh what a messed up comic (and series in general). This is the Joker with no limits, and the body count and sadism is proof. Overall Rating: 7.8 Recommendation: Read

SouthernBastards_12-1_263_405Rebels #8 – Two standalone stories in this issue. One focuses on a woman who runs a print shop in occupied Boston and the other is about a freed slave who fights on the British side. While touching upon history, the comic isn’t actual history. But, each issue makes me want to find out more. And the art is solid as usual. Overall Rating: 8 Recommendation: Read

Southern Bastards #12 – Continues to be one of the best comics on the market. Jason Latour writes this one which… well it’s best to just read it. However, it’s amazing how much he made me actually feel sorry for someone who almost beats to death a kid. Overall Rating: 9 Recommendation: Buy

The Walking Dead #148** – The series continues to build, and looks like it’ll explode soon. That ending is amazing.  Overall Rating: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

Zodiac Starforce #3 – The series is fun, but feels a bit like 80s cartoons in that it’s not too deep. I think this issue is where I see that the most. It’s still fun, but some of the dialogue is a little stilted, much like 80s cartoons. A fun series and read. Overall Rating: 7.5 Recommendation: Read



zodiax3All-New Wolverine #1*  is the best Wolverine comic in a generation. It’s version of Laura is one of the most richly written female heroes around. But it also serves as a Wolverine comic in the classic sense. She IS Wolverine. She is wrestling with a lot of the same issues Logan always has yet she is handling them from the perspective of a young woman. I truly appreciate her wearing the classic Wolverine costume and realistic street clothes which suit her personality rather then being out of character cheesecake as is often the case. I think its a must for both fans of Wolverine and fans of complex female leads. Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy!

Zodiac Starforce # 2 & 3 – Charming and inventive all ages comic with a kick-ass diverse and distinctive cast. Your sure to have a favorite to identify with (and that almost never happens to me). Feels a bit like a technicolor Buffy for kids. The stakes feel pretty high. And of course we’re cheering for Lily and Savannah’s adorable romance. Overall an 8 especially for kids.


Mr. H

Batman and Robin Eternal #6* – Ok now we are talking! Best issue since the first. Maybe it’s the addition of Tony Daniel’s art being back but this issue stood out. The parallel between Bruce’s fear over Mother engineering orphans into what she wants and what he could be doing with young Dick Grayson’s future was powerful. Finally we have a potential Bat villain with long reaching scope. I also enjoyed our current Bruce Wayne at peace. To me this was one of the single best Bat books I’ve read this year. Score: 9 Recomendation: Buy

Secret Wars #7* – So finally things are starting to unravel for God Doom. This issue had a lot of action, it just didn’t grab me that much. Great visuals by Essad Ribic. What a talent he is. Reed Richards’ contingency plan was intriguing but I want more. However seeing T’Challa with an Infinity Gauntlet was way cool. Looking forward to The Thing cutting lose next issue. Score: 7.5 Recommendation: Read



Squadron Sinister #4* – Nighthawk finally makes his move to take over Utopolis and to do that, he needs to take out Hyperion. The action was so so and Nighthawk wins…just in time for the Thors to arrive and arrest him for his actions against Battleworld. He is tried by God Doom, and Warrior Woman is responsible for the final nail in his coffin. Nighthawk is sentenced to life beyond the shield. A group of Starbrands attempt to liberate Utopolis, but the citizens rebel, saying they had it better under the rule of Hyperion. Yawn..nothing exciting and a less then stellar conclusion. Overall: 5 Recommendation: Read, but only if you’ve followed the series.

Well, there you have it, folks. The reviews we didn’t quite get a chance to write.

Please note that with some of the above comics, Graphic Policy was provided FREE copies for review. Where we purchased the comics, you’ll see an asterisk (*). If you don’t see that, you can infer the comic was a review copy. In cases where we were provided a review copy and we also purchased the comic you’ll see two asterisks (**).

Best Reasons To Become Team Daryl Dixon

19This crossbow slinging badass really stands his ground in The Walking Dead tv series considering he was never even in the comics. Even as a survivalist with his tough as nails loner personality he still knows how to have a good time. I for one am all for this redneck, and for some damn good reasons.

Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Oscar (Vincent Ward) - The Walking Dead_Season 3, Episode 2_"Sick" - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMCHe will be your right hand in keeping that pesky hostage steady with trusty crossbow never far behind to strike a zombie with a arrow or just bash their skull in.

5He has proven time and time again to have everyone’s back, but he looks kick ass back to back with Rick. After all they are brothers now. Even with a high powered gun his crossbow is with him.

3This man takes pain like a champ. First he was grazed in the head by a bullet from the airhead blonde Andrea when she thought he was a zombie. Then he had a arrow through his stomach while rolling down a riven into water. Sometimes that trusty bow can be a real bitch.

6While out on a jaunt with Beth he decided screw it lets just climb into this plush death box for a nap, smiles and all. 9He can’t help but be a ladies man. There’s been plenty of hugs and kisses from Beth and Carol but he never made a single move in return. Makes a girl wonder, What’s up with that?

11Even this bad boy knows sometimes you just have to lay down and let it all out.

8He knows how to console you when you’ve had it rough. And I give him props for that comforting hug from behind without a boob grab. A+ for the perfect hand placement.

16Apparently he is a big softy for those bundles of joy, as he gives almost a dorky yet evil looking grin for little Asskicker Judith.

17Need a good time, well add some drinks and a fire and this man is itching go. Add his partner in crime Beth and they become a screw the world duo.

13He has your bad boy need filled with his leather wearing motorcycle getup. But what’s with the no leather chaps?

21He will hunt, skin, and cook almost anything for a meal without blinking a eye. He might though have a thing for snakes with the look in his eyes.

20How can you resist a man that is not afraid to rock a poncho, let alone a motorcycle riding, poncho wearing, crossbow wielding dude.

Whether you need a need the strong protector or the sexy badass, Daryl Dixon can take you all the way.

A Sneak Peek of The Walking Dead: Always Accountable

Don’t miss the next episode of The Walking Dead, Sun., Nov. 15 at 9/8c on AMC.

Review: The Walking Dead #148


“Clearly we are not ourselves”

Now we’re talking (or not) after last months grueling chatterfest, this one gets on with the plot development quite quickly. We open the issue on the hill with a surprise mexican standoff between Andrea, Lydia, and Carl. (praying Carl takes the bullet, but he doesn’t. Drat.) Tempers flare and simmer down fast when they explain to Lydia that they are just trying to protect her.

Meanwhile, Lydia’s über evil mom, Alpha is roaming the woods when a member of her pack spots her and tries to sympathize with her. (Bad move, dude) She kindly slits his throat for his troubles while choking back tears she’s lost her daughter. She informs her fellow whisperer that she’s not to be challenged and a plan is to be put in motion.

Back in Alexandria, Rick is trying to calm the mob but it all goes to Hell very fast. Turns out they don’t see sending Lydia off to protect her as an act of kindness but rather weakness. Rick tries desperately to get through to them in a diplomatic fashion but to no avail. A melee ensues and the townspeople are all at each other’s throats. Rick realizes he needs to restore order in his people and drastic times call for drastic measures…

Overall: This was the shot in the arm that was needed after last months filler issue. It moved so fast and was over before I could notice it. It left me wanted more, which is exactly what a comic should do. What else can be said? The art by Charlie Adlard was great as always. I think he’s the most consistent artist this side of Mark Bagley. The pacing was great as well. Finally that cliffhanger at the end left me speechless. I absolutely didn’t see it coming. Bravo Mr. Kirkman, bravo. I might just pay a visit to the survival store before the release of the next issue because a war is coming in these pages and I cannot wait. Till next month deadheads, remember it takes three for a mexican standoff and don’t go wandering into the woods…

Story: Robert Kirkman Art: Charlie Adlard
Story: 8  Art: 8.5 Overall: 8 Recommendation: Buy

Image Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is Negan

The search has been the source of lots of rumors (and crap reporting), but The Walking Dead has officially announced that actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been cast as Negan, the next “big bad” that Rick and his group of survivors will face. Morgan has been a prolific actor and has appeared in three previous comic properties, The Watchmen where he played the Comedian, Jonah Hex where he was an uncredited Jeb Turnbull, and The Losers where he played the leader Clay, all DC Comic properties. In 2016 he’ll be in another DC property, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice where he’ll play Thomas Wayne.

Negan will appear in the finale of the current season. He’s the foul-mouthed leader of a group of survivors called the Saviors. The group uses its muscle to get tribute paid by neighboring communities, basically “protection money.” Of course Rick isn’t a fan which leads to an all out war, most likely to encompass season 7 (and hell it could go into season 8). Negan, with his bat Lucille, also killed *SPOILER*. Yeah not going to ruin that one. It’s a scene so brutal, I was close to stop reading the comic series.

How they’ll bring the character to the screen will be interesting due to the very R-rated dialogue, but also the massive amount of violence. Negan makes the Governor look like a kitten to put it into perspective.

So, what do you all think of the casting?

Graphic Policy’s Top Comic Picks this Week!

All-New_Wolverine_1_CoverWednesdays are new comic book day! Each week hundreds of comics are released, and that can be pretty daunting to go over and choose what to buy. That’s where we come in!

We’re bringing back something we haven’t done for a while, what the team thinks. Our contributors are choosing up to five books each week and why they’re choosing the books.

Find out what folks think below, and what comics you should be looking out for this Wednesday.


Top Pick: Southern Bastards #12 (Image Comics) – There’s lots of solid comics out this week, but it’s a no-brainer to suggest the top comic on the market right now. This Southern noir comic delivers with each and every issue focused on a small town filled with racists, drugs, and football. There’s not much I can say yet about this issue other than it’s a special one written and drawn by Jason Latour.

Carnage #1 (Marvel) – Out of all of the comics announced by Marvel for their reboot, this one was low on my list. After the Point One comic released a month back, it immediately shot up the list. I’m intrigued by the premise which seems to follow Carnage on a killing spree and the man tasked to bring him in. It has a more Silence of the Lambs vibe than superhero.

Descender #7 (Image Comics) -Jeff Lemire is one of the best comic writers out there, and this new issue also starts a new arc. The comic is just an amazing character story that has vibes of the movie A.I., but done right.

Illuminati #1 (Marvel) -The Red Hood gets a band together to take on the good guys. I’ve liked some of the recent comics that have focused on Marvel’s villains and writer Joshua Williamson has shown he can do awesome action and twisted with Nailbiter and Birthright.

Letter 44 #21 (Oni Press) – This one shot illustrated by Ryan Kelly takes us back to the recruitment drive for the Clarke astronauts. The series mixes sci-fi and politics, and is awesome.



All-New Wolverine #1 (Marvel) – I haven’t read a straight up Wolverine comic in a lifetime. But promise me an all new Wolverine – – his teenage clone Laura Kinney, formerly X-23 and I’m ready for some snikt.

Central to my interest is her character design. Her street clothes are realistic street clothes for a young woman and she’s wearing her father’s old costume– not a bathing suitificaition of it. This design respects her as an individual and doesn’t turn her into cheesecake. The usual cheesecake treatment would have had nothing to do with her personality and therefore would have been sexist.

Catwoman #46 (DC Comics) – This issue concludes one of the most interesting story arcs in DC comics in ages and marks the departure of the awesome creative team:  (W) Genevieve Valentine — who we’ve interviewed (A) David Messina (CA) Kevin Wada.

Selina is Catwoman once more and Eiko Hasigawa, her “it’s complicated” and temporary Catwoman, is now taking over as a crime boss after her father’s assassination at the hands of Black Mask. The emotional stakes are high and the status quo is changing.

Constantine the Hellblazer #6 (DC Comics) – Easily one of the finest comics out by the big two publishers. I came into reading the series primarily familiar with the character from his appearances in Swamp Thing, the TV show and general cultural awareness. The comic is definitely welcoming to fans both new and old. There is a blend of dark humor, self destructive lust and relatable melancholy that’s required in a Constantine comic. Yet, the stories and art feel all new.

The Wicked + The Divine #16 (Image Comics) – Fans of the series joke about how we are tortured by favorite characters getting offed all the time. This makes sense since while the comic appears to be about popular culture it is also about mortality and youth. It has held a relentless pace of complex mystety and character and gorgeous, innovative art– guest artists included. Gillen is also one of the only men who consistently writes women characters so well that I can’t tell.

Wolf Vol. 1 TP (Image Comics) – One of the most interesting urban fantasy stories I’ve seen. Ales Kot is a promising innovator in storytelling. The LA the characters inhabit feels real to me.



Top Pick: Catwoman #46 (DC Comics) – In the last few months, Catwoman has become possibly favorite offerings from DC. The crime drama is hitting all the right keys and is setting up for a great crescendo for the story arc conclusion.

Carnage #1 (Marvel) – This is my hopeful pick of the week. I still hold a soft spot in my heart for Carnage from the 90s. Even if, he hasn’t done anything to thrill me since then. But, for some reason, I still get excited whenever the evil symbiote comes around.

Rebels #8 (Dark Horse Comics) – Few comics embrace American mythos as well or as entertainingly as Rebels. Each issue is full of great stand alone stories making all of them a great jumping on point for history lovers.

Tyson Hesse’s Diesel #3 (BOOM! Studios) – Diesel has been an endlessly fun ride. With the mini-series picking up momentum, there is no better time to catch up on the story so far. This comic is just good and needs your attention.


Mr. H

Top Pick: Batman #46 (DC Comics) – Capullo, Snyder. Y’all know the drill. Buy this book or the GCPD will boot your door in.

Secret Wars #7 (Marvel Comics) – More than 3/4 through and we still live under Doom. I can’t wait to see the Thing cut loose too! It’s Cosmic clobberin’ time!!!

Superman: American Alien #1 (DC Comics) – I’m very intrigued with this one for sure. Not quite sure if I want young Clark Kent to be a lawbreakers bad ass but I’m willing to take the hayride and see where it goes.

The Walking Dead #148 (Image Comics) – After last month’s talk fest, I’m looking forward to getting back to the blood and guts that makes this title so great. Kind of hoping Carl gets it too.



Top Pick: All-New, All-Different Avengers #1 (Marvel) – Thor, Captain America and Iron Man…new mantles, new heroes, new Avengers.  I will admit, I am hesitant after reading Uncanny Avengers and The New Avengers (my reviews will explain why); this All New Marvel has left me with luke warm feelings.  But I’m digging the line up of this team and I am just hoping this is an Avengers title I can finally get on board with.

Top Pick: Thors #4 (Marvel) – The concluding issue of what, to me, has been THE best book of Secret Wars.  I’m sorry to see this one go, and I hope it ends on the thunder clap this series deserves.

All-New Wolverine #1 (Marvel) – I almost didn’t add this to my list, but I have to admit I am curious to see X-23 picking up the mantle of Wolverine.  I really hope we get a story exploring Laura in her new role and not just a hack and slash story with a female Wolverine.

Ultimates #1 (Marvel) – This is a very interesting roster of heroes brought together to stop cosmic level threats.  Black Panther, Captain Marvel and Ms. America are enough to get me excited….but if this cover is any hint that Galactus is part of the team?  I am ALL in!

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