Review: Ghosted #8

Ghosted08cov“Book of the Dead. Necronomicon. Grimoire. Whatever you may choose to call them. they are created HERE.
– El Maestro De La Muerte

When I was a little kid I believed ghosts existed somewhere in the world. I was scared of the dark and would never go in my basement if I was home alone, afraid that what lurked in the blackness would catch me and turn me into one of them. Then I grew older and realized there is nothing to be afraid of and ghosts didn’t exist, but if they had they would be more like Casper (just kidding…they would be more like Slimer, duh). That doesn’t mean that today I don’t jump when I hear a thud in the distance while sleeping or look over my shoulder when listening to a well articulated ghost story about whistling mad-men or screaming banshees in the night. We all love a good ghost story and Ghosted by Joshua Williamson is not a good ghost story; it’s a great ghost story and only gets better with each subsequent issue. The material I read in this prodigious comic is what I look for when I turn and gaze over my shoulder in the middle of the night; i love it.

Ghosted #8 continues Jackson and his cohort’s journey into the lair that houses the Brotherhood of the Closed Book. Trick, Skinner and Jackson are searching for the kidnapped Nina to take her back to Wenona Blood Crow who requested this mission in the first place. Last issue we learned that Nina is possessed by an evil spirit and does not want to leave with Jackson, which in turn gets him captured, leaving Trick and Skinner in the Jungle pondering their next move. That’s where we find the trio in the beginning of issue #8. We get a new character in the interesting and creepy ‘El Maestro De La Muerte’, or The Master of the Dead. Jackson is taken to him by El Silbon (more on him later) to receive judgement for infiltrating their compound. El Maestro asks Jackson to join their shadowy group and as soon as Jackson refuses Trick and Skinner come to save the day. All three escape but not before Jackson can find Nina and persuade her to come with him. She tells him the truth about why Wenona wants her back and Jackson, of course, wants to help her. There is one problem, they are in the middle of the jungle and the area is protected by spirits of evil beings.

The issue shed some light on what is exactly going on with Nina, the object of Jackson’s mission. I love how he is constantly followed by the ghost of Anderson and their back and forth is very funny at times. Williamson does a great job of balancing the right amount of humor and spectral beings perfectly, creating a comic tailored for adults looking for a different kind of story. Ghosted #8 is worth the read and this arc they are currently on is proving to be a very good mystery sprinkled with some hilarious banter. The current arc’s artist is Davide Gianfelice and his depictions of Jackson and this world do not stray much from the art of Sudzuka who did so well with the first story.

Thoughts and Questions

– Did you notice…El Silbon is the name of Jackson’s torturer. El Silbón (Warbler) according to legend is the ghost of a young man who killed his father to eat his offal, and is therefore doomed to wander like a lost soul forever carrying a bag filled with his family’s bones. The ghost was named for its distinctive whistle, an omen of death. Creeeepy!

– Will Jackson go to the rendezvous point or try and take Nins to a different place?

– What happened to El Maestro De La Muerte? I really liked his character and would be a great villain opposite Jackson and his gang.

Thank you for checkin gout my Review and be sure to check back after the next release where we can find out how Jackson will get himself out this sticky situation. Comment below and we can discuss everything Ghosted if you like.

Story: Joshua Williamson Art: Davide Gianfelice Colors: Miroslav Mrva Cover: Matteo Scalera
Story: 7.5 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8 Recommendation: Read

Image Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review