Review: Avengers #24.NOW

avengers 24Avengers #24.NOW kicks off Marvel‘s new initiative, All-New Marvel NOW! This issue kicks off the “Rogue Planet” storyline which will play out in five parts. Captain America and Iron Man plan for the next version of the Avengers and with a warning from a visitor from the future, discover a runaway planet is on a collision course with Earth.

There’s a lot I liked about this issue. Writer Jonathan Hickman gives us a clear starting point, one of the better ones Marvel has released for some time. The next part is in reality it’s a one issue story, even though it’s part of a bigger storyline. The story itself is pretty cool, starting in the future and coming back, some nice action and lots of hints as to the various time issues the Marvel Universe is having right now.

There’s also some minor quibbles like the part in the beginning where everyone is in their costume, yet they make comments about Captain America and Iron Man constantly working. Why weren’t they in the civilian clothes? It’s a minor issue that stood out to me.

Esad Ribic‘s art is fantastic. There’s little issues I saw and some minor details he adds here and there shows off why he’s on a high-profile comic such as this. He also juggles all the characters quite well making them stand out as individuals.

This issue is meant as a starting point, even though there’s a number 24 on the cover and Hickman pulls that off quite well with a fun, action packed issue that’ll give those interested a good taste as to what they can expect going forward.

Story: Jonathan Hickman Art: Esad Ribic
Story: 8 Art: 8 Overall: 8 Recommendation: Buy