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Review: The Star Wars #1 – Brett’s Take

the star wars #1 coverBefore Star Wars, there was The Star Wars! This is the authorized adaptation of George Lucas’s rough-draft screenplay of what would eventually become a motion picture that would change the world.

Annikin Starkiller is the hero . . . Luke Skywalker is a wizened Jedi general . . . Han Solo is a big green alien . . . and the Sith . . . Well, the Sith are still the bad guys. High adventure and derring-do from longer ago, in a galaxy even further away! So familiar, yet so different.

Like I’m sure many, when I heard that Lucas’ original rough-draft screenplay would be adapted into a comic book series I was both giddy with excitement and beyond nervous. With offshoots, prequels, sequels and so much more that’s been a mix-bagged as far as quality, hearing Lucas’ name on anything gives me pause. And with that, I dove into this first issue and came out wanting more! Yes, it’s that good and that much fun.

There’s a certain feeling I had when I first saw Star Wars and the rest of the original trilogy. That excitement continued for many of the early comic sequels and prequels as well. Reading this first issue, that same excitement I had watching those movies many (too many) years ago returned.

While much of the comic is familiar, the changes are different enough to warrant this release and keep you on your toes. The first issue alone gives us a different Jedi order, a different Empire and technology that looks similar, but not quite. Yes, the story is a bit more generic “sci-fi,” but it’s fun sci-fi that has the pulp fun I want in a story, like Flash Gordon or old Buck Rogers tales.

The art by Mike Mayhew is a compliment to J. W. Rinzler‘s story. The art just has a cool vibe about it, like it came off of storyboards and were put on the comic page.

This eight issue series should be interesting, especially to see what’s changed from the final release, and if this first issue is any indication, this will be one hell of a ride. I can’t wait for the next issue.

Story: J. W. Rinzler Art: Mike Mayhew
Story: 8.5 Art: 8 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

Dark Horse provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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