BOOM! Studios Reveals Sons of Anarchy Chase Covers

Never has the concept of a “chase” cover fit a series so well. BOOM! Studios and Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products have revealed the addition of a 1-in-10 surprise connecting chase cover for each issue of the upcoming Sons of Anarchy comic book series. Based on the hit FX network television show, the Sons of Anarchy six-issue comic book series will uniquely feature and bring to life the gun-smuggling bikers with complex pasts and gripping personalities residing in the fictional town of Charming, California.

Each issue of the Sons of Anarchy comic book series will feature a 1-in-10 intermixed cover inspired by the striking season 6 promotional images that debuted in July from FX. The six covers will connect to form one complete panoramic image of the show’s characters engaged in a grand melee.

The first issue will feature a main cover illustrated by Garry Brown and a 1-in-20 retailer incentive “Mr. Mayhem” cover. BOOM! will offer a retailer incentive cover that has been upgraded with a gold foil-stamped treatment.

The series has captivated audiences with smart plotting and compelling characters in a modern Shakespearean vision of the outlaw genre. The series features gun-smuggling bikers with complex pasts and gripping personalities. It’s a smart version of the “guys with guns” trope.

The comic series flows from the television series. With no one else to turn to, the daughter of an old SAMCRO member comes to Charming looking for help. The only people standing between Kendra and certain death are the Sons of Anarchy, and, for better or for worse,Tig.

The highly anticipated series will be written by Christopher Golden and illustrated by Damian CouceiroSons of Anarchy comic book number one is a 32-page, full-color issue that retails for $3.99 and is available for order under Diamond Code JUL130914. It comes out in comic shops everywhere on September 11. Retailers can increase their orders until Monday, August 19.

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