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Listen to the Archive of Graphic Policy Radio: Emma Houxbois: Electric Boogaloo

Did you miss this past Monday’s episode of Graphic Policy Radio? It featured the return of Emma Houxbois! We packed a lot into the episode that covered a whole lot of ground.

On this episode:

  • The group discussed Adventure Time and Lazarus, two comics you should be reading!
  • Gender, sexism and comics was back in the news. Including shitty parents who think superheroes are for boys. We talked about how to not be a sexist asshole that’s destroying the comics industry and/or messing up your kids (step one: don’t gender police anyone)
  • Comics and rape reared its ugly head as well. We discussed recent comments by Mark Millar and rape in comics.

There was that and more, it was a hell of a discussion and I learned a lot! You can listen below or download the episode to take it on the go.

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