Is it Racist? Marvel Edition.

Marvel is planning variant covers featuring Deadpool in a banana costume. Unfortunately that falls during the release of Mighty Avengers #1, an “all-black” super hero team.

The team is actually made up of a mix of individuals. Luke Cage (African-American), Monica Rambeau has roots in New Orleans, Power Man is African-American and Dominican, and White Tiger is Puerto Rican. So having a banana and maracas isn’t the brightest idea.

Is it racist? My answer is yes, though unintentionally. Insensitive at a minimum (hopefully we can all agree on at least that).


I await the “Marvel Apes” 2nd printing variant cover.

Update: David Brothers has a great take on this.

Update 2: And another great article as to why there’s issues with this.

(via Bleeding Cool)


  • While I get it, I honestly never would have thought a) look, an all black/latino superhero team, and b) of course they add a banana and maracas. But maybe it’s because race isn’t something I think about a lot. That was just a new book featuring a bunch of cool superhero’s and ha! That crazy dead pool. Lol.

    • I think part of it that got me is all of the recent stories I’ve read about in Italy their throwing bananas at a black politician and soccer players.

      • Ah, ok. I was unaware of that story. In that case, I can see what you mean about the unintenional insensitivity.