Week in Review: July 22-28, 2013

I hope everyone’s finally recovered from the intensity of SDCC and all of the incredible announcements that came out of the con. Our very own Brett, your host and founder of Graphic Policy, was in attendance and helped keep us up to date (you can find his posts and updates on SDCC here). This week saw the debut of The Wolverine, origin-story sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and in comics we got a little more light cast on the events of Age of Ultron via Hunger #1, witnessed the start of a new crowd favorite Lobster Johnson mini-series, and took a look at the ever-advancing Trinity War saga, along with plenty of other reviews of one-shots, on-going series, and even a graphic novel!

Graphic Policy Radio

July 23, 2013—Elana and Brett cover the glorious Nerd-vana of SDCC, and they take a look at the convention floor, its announcements, and some of the people Brett had a chance to meet. We had some technical issues, so catch the show this coming week.

Comic Reviews

Batman/Superman #2—the second issue in Greg Pak’s and Jae Lee’s already fantastic series gets relatively high marks from Sean, despite the fact that it’s still a tad confusing…

Batwoman #22—Scott picks apart the latest Batwoman issue, and poses some interesting points about where the series is going and why this issue is hollow compared to the rest of the series.

Blood Brothers #1—a new vampire comedy, with a taste of something different gets high ranks; worth buying and reading.

Dark Horse Presents #26—an awesomely (and somewhat overwhelmingly) large anthology of horror, sci-fi, and fantasy comic shorts, featuring reviews of two of many stories.

Devil Executioner One-Shota thrilling and creepy one-shot by UK independent creator Martin Ian Smith, which could easily be the beginning of a serious about a bad-ass exorcist. Buying and reading this is a great way to support a young, up-and-coming comic creator!

Gamma One-Shot—a zany, hilarious comic by Ulises Farinas which Sean reads as a satire of some awesome 1990s children franchises.

Hunger #1—Brett takes us on a tour of Fialkov’s exploration of the long-established Ultimate universe as things get down and dirty with…Galactus!

Justice League Dark #22—Trinity War continues in what Sean found to be the second-best piece in this saga (we’re only five parts in, with the Constantine and Pandora tie-ins, and JLA #6 seems to be the best), seeing all of the Justice Leagues rearranged by their loyalties to the World’s Finest and to the Trinity of Sin.

King Conan: Tee Hour of the Dragon #3—Andrew gives us a look at this acclaimed addition to the Conan franchise, hearkening back to the sword-and-sorcery quality of early Conan comics.

Lazarus #2—Scott provides an in-depth review of Greg Rucka’s hot-and-heavy sci-fi dystopic comic; get on board with this if you haven’t yet!

Lobster Johnson: A Scent of Lotus #1—the much anticipated beginning of a new Lobster Johnson mini-series by Mignola gets high praise from Andrew, as a new plot develops with the Tong assassins in a definitely pulp style.

The Massive #14—hot shot Brian Wood continues his sci-fi series, which Brett calls “one of the best monthly series on the market.”

Mind MGMT #13—a surreal one-shot about The Home Maker sleeper agent, which featuring some of the best art this week (I took a look at this myself, and damn it’s great looking).

Movie Review

The Wolverine—I haven’t seen it myself, but Brett (ever our movie reviewer for all things comics and nerdom) found The Wolverine to be a good addition to the X-Men movies, despite finding it a tad boring and predictable. But see for yourself, folks!

Graphic Novel Review

Hellboy: House of the Living Dead—Sean looks back on a two-year old Mignola and Corben graphic novel that takes a look at Hellboy as a luchador, as well as a nod to the great monster films of the early 20th century.

Well that’ll just about do it for this week. Check out our reviews, updates, news, info, and previews, because there’s always more coming! See you next week, Geeks!